Meaning of DIRECT in English

v. 1 manage, handle, run, administer, govern, regulate, control, operate, superintend, supervise, command, head up, rule; Colloq call the shots She directs the company with an iron hand 2 guide, lead, conduct, pilot, steer, show or point (the way), be at the helm; advise, counsel, instruct, mastermind; usher, escort He has directed the company for 40 years, through good times and bad Can you direct me to the post office? 3 rule, command, order, require, bid, tell, instruct, charge, dictate, enjoin; appoint, ordain He directed that the attack be launched at dawn 4 aim, focus, level, point, train; turn That bullet was directed at my heart Direct your attention to the front of the room. 5 send, address, post, mail Please direct the letter to my home

adj. 6 straight, unswerving, shortest, undeviating, through We turned off the direct road to take in the view 7 uninterrupted, unreflected, unrefracted, without interference, unobstructed She cannot remain in direct sunlight for very long 8 unbroken, lineal He claims to be a direct descendant of Oliver Cromwell's 9 straightforward, unmitigated, outright, matter-of-fact, categorical, plain, clear, unambiguous, unmistakable, to the point, without or with no beating about the bush, unqualified, unequivocal, point-blank, explicit, express I expect a direct answer to my direct question Have you direct evidence of his guilt? That was a gross insult and a direct lie! 10 straightforward, frank, candid, outspoken, plain-spoken, honest, blunt, open, uninhibited, unreserved, forthright, honest, sincere, unequivocal; undiplomatic, tactless She is very direct in commenting about people she dislikes

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