Meaning of DIRECT in English

[ dɪ'rɛkt , dʌɪ- ]

■ adjective

1》 going from one place to another without changing ~ion or stopping.

↘ Astronomy & Astrology (of apparent planetary motion) proceeding from west to east in accord with actual motion.

2》 straightforward; frank.

↘(of proof) clear; unambiguous.

3》 without intervening factors or intermediaries: the complications are a ~ result of bacteria spreading.

↘(of light or heat) proceeding from a source without being reflected or blocked.

↘(of descent) proceeding in continuous succession from parent to child.

4》 perpendicular to a surface.

■ adverb in a ~ way or by a ~ route.

■ verb

1》 control the operations of.

↘supervise and control (a film, play, or other production).

2》 aim in a particular ~ion or at a particular person.

↘tell or show (someone) the way.

3》 give an order to.


~ness noun


ME: from L. ~us , past participle of dirigere , from di- 'distinctly' or de- 'down' + regere 'put straight'.

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