Meaning of DIRECT in English

direct verb, adjective, adverb BrE AmE ( ˌ ) daɪ ə ˈrekt də-, dɪ- AmE \ də- daɪ-

▷ direct|ed ɪd əd

▷ direct|ing ɪŋ

▷ direct|s s —In the case of direct, the stress-shifted form ˌdaɪ ə rekt is frequent in British English in phrases such as ˌ direct ˈ debit ; but the weak-vowelled variant is also heard, də ˈrekt, dɪ- , with no stress shift, thus di ˌ rect ˈ debit.

— Preference poll, American English: də- 78%, daɪ- 22%.

▶ ˌ direct ˈ debit, •ˌ•- BrE AmE

▶ ˌ direct ˈ method, •ˌ•- BrE AmE

▶ ˌ direct ˈ object, •ˌ•- BrE AmE

▶ ˌ direct ˈ speech, •ˌ•- BrE AmE

▶ ˌ direct ˈ tax, •ˌ•- BrE AmE

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