Meaning of FINE in English


Function: adjective

1 marked by subtlety of perception or discrimination FF1C; I cannot follow these fine distinctions FF1E;

Synonyms: delicate, finespun, hairline, hairsplitting, nice, refined, subtle

Related Words: abstruse, esoteric, recondite; cryptic, enigmatic, obscure; minute, petty, trifling

Contrasted Words: definite, explicit, express, specific; clear, lucid, perspicuous; broad, extensive, general, generic, indefinite, wide

2 consisting of small particles FF1C; fine sand FF1E;

Synonyms: impalpable, powdery, pulverized

Related Words: light, loose, porous

Antonyms: coarse


Synonyms: EXCELLENT , capital, ||dandy, first-class, first-rate, first-string, five-star, superior, top, top-notch

Related Words: beautiful, splendid; enjoyable, pleasant

Idioms: fine and dandy

Contrasted Words: miserable, wretched; atrocious, awful, objectionable, unpleasant


Synonyms: FAIR 2, clarion, clear, cloudless, pleasant, rainless, sunny, sunshiny, unclouded, undarkened

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