Meaning of FINE in English

adj. 1 superior, excellent, superb, magnificent, supreme, marvellous, exceptional, splendid, exquisite, elegant, first-class, first-rate, prime, choice, select, top-grade, high-grade, top-drawer, quality, admirable, great, good, satisfactory, Colloq out of this world, great, OK or okay, peachy, neat, keen, Brit tickety-boo, US neat, Australian bonzer, Slang swell, cool, Brit old-fashioned ripping, Dialectal champion He is a connoisseur of fine paintings She turned in a fine performance. 2 sunny, fair, bright, clear, cloudless, balmy, pleasant, dry, nice It was a fine day for a picnic 3 enjoyable, satisfying, entertaining, amusing, good, interesting, pleasant, nice Thank you for inviting us to such a fine party 4 accomplished, skilful, consummate, outstanding, masterly, brilliant, virtuoso Ann-Sofie is a fine pianist 5 delicate, subtle, exquisite, well-made, dainty, elegant; superior, excellent, outstanding What a fine example of miniature-painting! 6 delicate, dainty, thin, gossamer, diaphanous, gauzy, sheer, slender, frail, flimsy, filamentous, threadlike The sword hung over Damocles' head by a fine thread 7 powdered, powdery, pulverized, comminuted, crushed, fine-grained As soon as they touched the papyrus, it disintegrated into a fine powder 8 sharp, keen, keen-edged, razor-sharp, pointed, acute The points of the sea urchin's spines are so fine you don't feel them enter 9 subtle, delicate, refined, acute, keen, discriminating, critical, precise, nice, hair-splitting There is sometimes a fine distinction between pleasure and pain 10 good-looking, handsome, attractive, striking, beautiful, pretty, lovely, seemly, fair, comely, Colloq US cute, Scots bonny Jeanette married a fine young man 11 meritorious, worthy, commendable, admirable, excellent, superb, splendid, good, Colloq great She has displayed fine courage in the face of terrible family problems 12 healthy, well, healthful, robust, all right, Colloq OK or okay I told the doctor that I was feeling fine 13 close Arriving at the airport with only minutes to spare is cutting it pretty fine

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