Meaning of FINE in English

~ 1 [ fʌɪn ]

■ adjective

1》 of very high quality.


↘healthy and feeling well.

↘(of the weather) bright and clear.

↘(of speech or writing) sounding impressive but ultimately insincere: ~ words.

↘(of gold or silver) containing a specified high proportion of pure metal.

2》 very thin: ~ hair.

↘consisting of small particles.

↘of delicate or intricate workmanship.

↘subtle and therefore perceptible with difficulty: a ~ distinction.

↘(of a faculty) sensitive and discriminating.

3》 Cricket behind the wicket and close to the line of flight of the bowling.

■ noun ( ~s ) very small particles found in mining or milling.

■ adverb

1》 informal in a satisfactory or pleasing manner.

2》 Cricket to a ~ position.

■ verb

1》 clarify (beer or wine) by causing the precipitation of sediment.

2》 (usu. ~ something down or ~ down ) make or become thinner.

3》 ( ~ up ) N. English & Austral./NZ informal (of the weather) become bright and clear.


cut it (or things ) ~ allow a very small margin of time.

one's ~r feelings one's conscience or sense of morality.

one's ~st hour the time of one's greatest success.

not to put too ~ a point on it speak bluntly.


~ly adverb

~ness noun


ME: from OFr. fin , based on L. finire (see finish ).


~ 2 [ fʌɪn ]

■ noun a sum of money exacted as a penalty by a court of law or other authority.

■ verb punish by a ~.


~able adjective


ME: from OFr. fin 'end, payment', from L. finis 'end' (in med. L. denoting a sum paid on settling a lawsuit).


~ 3 [ fi:n ]

■ noun

1》 French brandy of high quality made from distilled wine.

2》 short for ~ champagne .


~ 4 [ 'fi:neɪ ]

■ noun Music the place where a piece of music finishes (when at the end of a repeated section rather than at the end of the score).


Ital., from L. finis 'end'.

Concise Oxford English vocab.      Сжатый оксфордский словарь английского языка.