Meaning of FINE in English

[fine] n [ME, fr. OF fin, fr. L finis boundary, end] (13c) 1 obs: end, conclusion

2: a compromise of a fictitious suit used as a form of conveyance of lands 3 a: a sum imposed as punishment for an offense b: a forfeiture or penalty paid to an injured party in a civil action -- in fine : in short

[2]fine vt fined ; (1559): to impose a fine on: punish by a fine [3]fine adj ; fin.est [ME fin, fr. OF, fr. L finis, n., end, limit] (13c) 1 a: free from impurity b of a metal: having a stated proportion of pure metal in the composition expressed in parts per thousand "a gold coin .9166 ~"

2. a (1): very thin in gauge or texture "~ thread" (2): not coarse "~ sand" (3): very small "~ print" (4): keen "a knife with a ~ edge" (5): very precise or accurate "a ~ adjustment" "trying to be too ~ with his pitches" b: physically trained or hardened close to the limit of efficiency--used of an athlete or animal

3: delicate, subtle, or sensitive in quality, perception, or discrimination "a ~ distinction"

4: superior in kind, quality, or appearance: excellent "a ~ job" "a ~ day" "~ wines"

5. a: ornate 1 "~ writing" b: marked by or affecting elegance or refinement "~ manners"

6. a: very well "feel ~" b: all right "that's ~ with me" 7--used as an intensive "the leader, in a ~ frenzy, beheaded one of his wives --Brian Crozier" -- fine.ness n [4]fine adv (14c) 1: finely: as a: very well b: all right

2: with a very narrow margin of time or space "she had not intended to cut her escape so ~ --Melinda Beck et al." [5]fine vb fined ; vt (14c) 1: purify, clarify "~ and filter wine"

2: to make finer in quality or size ~ vi 1: to become pure or clear "the ale will ~"

2: to become smaller in lines or proportions [6] n [It, fr. L finis end] (ca. 1798): end--used as a direction in music to mark the closing point after a repeat

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