Meaning of GOVERN in English

v. Function: verb

1 to exercise sovereign authority FF1C; a dictator may govern in a thoroughly enlightened manner FF1E;

Synonyms: overrule, reign, rule, sway

Related Words: captain, command, head; administer, conduct, control, direct, manage, master; regulate, supervise


Synonyms: ADMINISTER 1, administrate, carry out, execute, render

3 to exercise a decisive role in influencing the actions and conduct of FF1C; parents who govern their children wisely FF1E;

Synonyms: control, direct, dominate, handle, manage

Related Words: directionalize, guide, lead, shepherd, steer; boss, oversee, supervise

Idioms: be at the helm ( or wheel), be in the driver's seat, hold the reins

Merriam Webster. Collegiate thesaurus English dictionary.      Английский энциклопедический толковый словарь тезауруса.