Meaning of EXPERIMENT in English


The noun is pronounced /ɪksperɪmənt/. The verb is pronounced /ɪksperɪment/.

( experimented)

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.


An experiment is a scientific test which is done in order to discover what happens to something in particular conditions.

The astronauts are conducting a series of experiments to learn more about how the body adapts to weightlessness...

This question can be answered only by experiment.



If you experiment with something or experiment on it, you do a scientific test on it in order to discover what happens to it in particular conditions.

In 1857 Mendel started experimenting with peas in his monastery garden...

The scientists have already experimented at each other’s test sites.

VERB : V with/on n , V

• ex‧peri‧men‧ta‧tion

...the ethical aspects of animal experimentation.


• ex‧peri‧ment‧er


When the experimenters repeated the tests on themselves, they observed an exactly opposite effect.



An experiment is the trying out of a new idea or method in order to see what it is like and what effects it has.

As an experiment, we bought Ted a watch.



To experiment means to try out a new idea or method to see what it is like and what effects it has.

...if you like cooking and have the time to experiment...

He believes that students should be encouraged to experiment with bold ideas.

VERB : V , V with n

• ex‧peri‧men‧ta‧tion

Decentralization and experimentation must be encouraged...


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