Meaning of EXPERIMENT in English


I. ikˈsperəmənt, ek- also ÷-pir- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French experiment, from Latin experimentum, from experiri to try + -mentum -ment


a. : a test or trial

make another experiment of his suspicion — Shakespeare


(1) : a tentative procedure or policy ; especially : one adopted in uncertainty as to whether it will answer the desired purpose or bring about the desired result

is going to put this hope to the test by trying a political experiment of bold proportions — Harold Callender

(2) : the tangible result of such a procedure or policy

Benavente's earliest literary experiments were four little romantic fantasies published … in 1892 — Current Biography

c. : an act or operation carried out under conditions determined by the experimenter (as in a laboratory) in order to discover some unknown principle or effect or to test, establish, or illustrate some suggested or known truth

the experiments of the defendant's experts lead … to the opinion that a typhoid bacillus could not survive the journey — O.W.Holmes †1935

2. obsolete : experience

by sad experiment I know how little weight my words with thee can find — John Milton

3. obsolete : expedient , remedy

you will find it a sure experiment for the quinsy — William Coles

4. : the process or practice of trying or testing : experimentation

the result of some centuries of experiment tended to raise rather than silence doubt — Henry Adams

II. -ˌment, -_mənt — see -ment II verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English experimenten, from experiment, n.

transitive verb

1. obsolete : to have experience of : experience , feel

thy fatherly mercy … so often experimented by me — Henry Hammond

2. archaic : to discover by experiment

that may be easily experimented in a small bird — Benjamin Martin

3. archaic : to make a trial or test of

several articles were proposed to be experimented, and if found good … to be confirmed — John Entick

intransitive verb

: to engage in experimentation : make experiments

the world has become a laboratory where immature and feverish minds experiment with unknown forces — John Buchan

studied drawing and painting in an art school … and experimented in painting at home — W.H.Downes

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