Meaning of FIX in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ fɪks ]

( fixes, fixing, fixed)

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.


If something is fixed somewhere, it is attached there firmly or securely.

It is fixed on the wall...

He fixed a bayonet to the end of his rifle.

= fasten

VERB : be V-ed prep / adv , V n prep / adv


If you fix something, for example a date, price, or policy, you decide and say exactly what it will be.

He’s going to fix a time when I can see him...

The prices of milk and cereals are fixed annually.

= set

VERB : V n , V n


If you fix something for someone, you arrange for it to happen or you organize it for them.

I’ve fixed it for you to see Bonnie Lachlan...

It’s fixed. He’s going to meet us at the airport...

They thought that their relatives would be able to fix the visas...

He vanished after you fixed him with a job...

We fixed for the team to visit our headquarters...

They’d fixed yesterday that Mike’d be in late today.

VERB : V it for n to-inf , be V-ed , V n , V n with n , V for n to-inf , V that


If you fix something which is damaged or which does not work properly, you repair it.

He cannot fix the electricity...

If something is broken, we get it fixed.

= mend

VERB : V n , get/have n V-ed


If you fix a problem or a bad situation, you deal with it and make it satisfactory.

It’s not too late to fix the problem, although time is clearly getting short...

Fixing a 40-year-old wrong does not mean, however, that history can be undone.

VERB : V n , V-ing


You can refer to a solution to a problem as a fix . ( INFORMAL )

Many of those changes could just be a temporary fix.

N-COUNT : usu adj N

see also quick fix


If you fix your eyes on someone or something or if your eyes fix on them, you look at them with complete attention.

She fixes her steel-blue eyes on an unsuspecting local official...

Her soft brown eyes fixed on Kelly...

The child kept her eyes fixed on the wall behind him.

VERB : V n on n , V on n , V-ed


If someone or something is fixed in your mind, you remember them well, for example because they are very important, interesting, or unusual.

Leonard was now fixed in his mind...

Amy watched the child’s intent face eagerly, trying to fix it in her mind.

VERB : be V-ed in n , V n in n


If someone fixes a gun, camera, or radar on something, they point it at that thing.

The US crew fixed its radar on the Turkish ship...

VERB : V n on n


If you get a fix on someone or something, you have a clear idea or understanding of them. ( INFORMAL )

It’s been hard to get a steady fix on what’s going on.

N-SING : a N on n


If you fix some food or a drink for someone, you make it or prepare it for them.

Sarah fixed some food for us...

Let me fix you a drink...

Scotty stayed behind to fix lunch.

VERB : V n for n , V n n , V n


If you fix your hair, clothes, or make-up, you arrange or adjust them so you look neat and tidy, showing you have taken care with your appearance. ( INFORMAL )

‘I’ve got to fix my hair,’ I said and retreated to my bedroom...

VERB : no passive , V n


If someone fixes a race, election, contest, or other event, they make unfair or illegal arrangements or use deception to affect the result.

They offered opposing players bribes to fix a decisive league match against Valenciennes...

...this week’s report of match-fixing.

= rig

VERB : V n , V-ing [ disapproval ]

Fix is also a noun.

It’s all a fix, a deal they’ve made.



If you accuse someone of fixing prices, you accuse them of making unfair arrangements to charge a particular price for something, rather than allowing market forces to decide it. ( BUSINESS )

...a suspected cartel that had fixed the price of steel for the construction market...

The company is currently in dispute with the government over price fixing.

VERB : V n , V-ing [ disapproval ]


An injection of an addictive drug such as heroin can be referred to as a fix . ( INFORMAL )



You can use fix to refer to an amount of something which a person gets or wants and which helps them physically or psychologically to survive. ( INFORMAL )

The trouble with her is she needs her daily fix of publicity.

...a quick energy fix.

N-COUNT : with supp , oft N of n , n N


If you say that you are fixing to do something, you mean that you are planning or intending to do it. ( AM INFORMAL )

I’m fixing to go to graduate school...

VERB : only cont , V to-inf


see also fixed , fixings

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