Meaning of FIX in English


I. verb Etymology: Middle English, from Latin ~us, past participle of figere to fasten; akin to Lithuanian dygti to sprout, break through Date: 14th century transitive verb 1. to make firm, stable, or stationary, to give a permanent or final form to: as, to change into a stable compound or available form , to kill, harden, and preserve for microscopic study, to make the image of (a photographic film) permanent by removing unused salts, af~ , attach , 2. to hold or direct steadily , to capture the attention of , 3. to set or place definitely ; establish , to make an accurate determination of ; discover , assign , to set in order ; adjust , to get ready ; prepare , 6. repair , mend , restore , cure , spay , castrate , 7. to get even with, to influence the actions, outcome, or effect of by improper or illegal methods , intransitive verb to become firm, stable, or ~ed, to get set ; be on the verge , to direct one's attention or efforts ; focus , see: fasten ~able adjective II. noun Date: 1809 a position of difficulty or embarrassment ; predicament , 2. the position (as of a ship) determined by bearings, observations, or radio, an accurate determination or understanding especially by observation or analysis, an act or instance of improper or illegal ~ing , a supply or dose of something strongly desired or craved , ~ation , something that ~es or restores ; solution

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