Meaning of FLOCK in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ flɒk ]

( flocks, flocking, flocked)


A flock of birds, sheep, or goats is a group of them.

They kept a small flock of sheep...

They are gregarious birds and feed in flocks.

N-COUNT-COLL : usu N of n


You can refer to a group of people or things as a flock of them to emphasize that there are a lot of them.

These cases all attracted flocks of famous writers.

...his flock of advisers.

N-COUNT-COLL : N of n [ emphasis ]


If people flock to a particular place or event, a very large number of them go there, usually because it is pleasant or interesting.

The public have flocked to the show...

The criticisms will not stop people flocking to see the film...

His greatest wish must be that huge crowds flock into the beautiful park.

VERB : V to n , V to-inf , V prep / adv

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