Meaning of FLOCK in English

(~s, ~ing, ~ed)


A ~ of birds, sheep, or goats is a group of them.

They kept a small ~ of sheep...

They are gregarious birds and feed in ~s.

N-COUNT-COLL: usu N of n


You can refer to a group of people or things as a ~ of them to emphasize that there are a lot of them.

These cases all attracted ~s of famous writers.

...his ~ of advisers.

N-COUNT-COLL: N of n emphasis


If people ~ to a particular place or event, a very large number of them go there, usually because it is pleasant or interesting.

The public have ~ed to the show...

The criticisms will not stop people ~ing to see the film...

His greatest wish must be that huge crowds ~ into the beautiful park.

VERB: V to n, V to-inf, V prep/adv

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