Meaning of FLOCK in English

I. noun


a flock of birds (= a large number of birds together )

Suddenly a flock of birds flew up into the sky.

flock of sheep (= a group of sheep )

tourists flock to a place (= visit it in large numbers )

Tourists have flocked to the area ever since the TV series was filmed there.




They stretched in great flocks wider than the whole of the Zoo.

They had great flocks of sheep and goats as well, and they lived at their ease.

They were like a great flock of gulls swooping to tear and gobble at their prey.

Straight away a great flock of wild crows came flying towards her, enough to darken the sky.


Sometimes in large flocks in autumn.

A large flock of shearwaters was wheeling excitedly over a spot about half way between the whales and Hsu Fu.

The larger the flock , the less time individual doves spend peeking and the more time sleeping.

The second smallest duck of the region, slenderer than Teal and rarely occurring in such large flocks .

In very cold weather much larger flocks appear.

The problem, as they see it, is that the large flocks are having a serious impact on crops.

Back at Folly Bridge the males are left in large all-male flocks .

Gregarious; large flocks make remarkable roaring sound on surface of water when disturbed by birds of prey.


Then a small flock of them.

She said she has a small enough flock of sheep to be able to remember their names and personalities.

In the foreground another smaller flock was taking off from the little lake on the south side.

Perhaps her dang had had to split into smaller flocks , so that now there were not enough shepherds to go around.

Tufted ducks bobbed, still in the small compact flocks of winter.

A small flock of evening grosbeaks flew over, and at first light I heard chickadees and goldfinches.

Often flies fast in small flocks .


birds of a feather (flock together)

He figured I had a hustle of my own going and that made us birds of a feather.


a flock of geese


As a hermit living in a cave, he refused the flock of naked women sent to tempt him.

But there were rabbits by the dozens, and flocks of chestnut-colored bantams.

It's easy to spot flocks of geese as they migrate.

Naturally the shepherds who had brought their flocks across must know the safest route.

The clergy did not only minister word and sacraments; they also performed social roles for their flock .

This was odd as it indicated that the winter flock had already scattered as separate pairs at this very early date.

To complicate matters further, many of these shepherds were in agreement with their flocks.

II. verb




The series became a huge success and tourists have flocked to the area ever since.


At Black Mountain, both teachers and students flocked to the most exciting classes.

But tourists are not the only foreigners flocking to Penang.

If the economy is such a mess, why are investors flocking in?

Jackdaws flocked noisily at the back of the wood; only occasionally did their silhouettes show black against the sky.

Schoolchildren flock to the malls and fast-food joints, looking for jobs as shop assistants and chefs.

They began to sell their land and, in a final bid to avoid starvation, started to flock to Calcutta.

When the algorithmic bats were run, they flocked like real bats.

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