Meaning of FLOCK in English

noun a lock of wool or hair.

2. flock ·vi to gather in companies or crowds.

3. flock ·vt to flock to; to crowd.

4. flock ·noun a christian church or congregation; considered in their relation to the pastor, or minister in charge.

5. flock ·vt to coat with flock, as wall paper; to roughen the surface of (as glass) so as to give an appearance of being covered with fine flock.

6. flock ·noun woolen or cotton refuse (·sg / ·pl), old rags, ·etc., reduced to a degree of fineness by machinery, and used for stuffing unpholstered furniture.

7. flock ·noun a company or collection of living creatures;

— especially applied to sheep and birds, rarely to persons or (except in the plural) to cattle and other large animals; as, a flock of ravenous fowl.

8. flock (·sg / ·pl) very fine, sifted, woolen refuse, especially that from shearing the nap of cloths, used as a coating for wall paper to give it a velvety or clothlike appearance; also, the dust of vegetable fiber used for a similar purpose.

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