Meaning of HOST in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ hoʊst ]

( hosts, hosting, hosted)

Frequency: The word is one of the 700 most common words in English.


The host at a party is the person who has invited the guests and provides the food, drink, or entertainment.

Apart from my host, I didn’t know a single person there...



If someone hosts a party, dinner, or other function, they have invited the guests and provide the food, drink, or entertainment.

Tonight she hosts a ball for 300 guests.

VERB : V n


A country, city, or organization that is the host of an event provides the facilities for that event to take place.

Barcelona was chosen to be host of the 1992 Olympic games.

N-COUNT : oft N n


If a country, city, or organization hosts an event, they provide the facilities for the event to take place.

Cannes hosts the annual film festival.

VERB : V n


If a person or country plays host to an event or an important visitor, they host the event or the visit.

The Prime Minister played host to French Premier Jacques Chirac.

PHRASE : V inflects


The host of a radio or television show is the person who introduces it and talks to the people who appear in it.

I am host of a live radio programme.

= presenter

N-COUNT : usu with supp


The person who hosts a radio or television show introduces it and talks to the people who appear in it.

She also hosts a show on St Petersburg Radio.

VERB : V n


A host of things is a lot of them.

A host of problems may delay the opening of the Channel Tunnel...

= multitude



A host or a host computer is the main computer in a network of computers, which controls the most important files and programs.

N-COUNT : oft N n


The host of a parasite is the plant or animal which it lives on or inside and from which it gets its food. ( TECHNICAL )

When the eggs hatch the larvae eat the living flesh of the host animal.

N-COUNT : oft N n


The Host is the bread which is used to represent the body of Christ in Christian church services such as Holy Communion. ( TECHNICAL )

N-COUNT : usu sing , the N

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