Meaning of INTERRUPT in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ ɪntərʌpt ]

( interrupts, interrupting, interrupted)


If you interrupt someone who is speaking, you say or do something that causes them to stop.

Turkin tapped him on the shoulder. ‘Sorry to interrupt, Colonel.’...

He tried to speak, but she interrupted him.

VERB : V , V n

• in‧ter‧rup‧tion


The sudden interruption stopped Beryl in mid-flow.



If someone or something interrupts a process or activity, they stop it for a period of time.

He has rightly interrupted his holiday in Spain to return to London...

VERB : V n

• in‧ter‧rup‧tion

...interruptions in the supply of food and fuel...

= disruption

N-VAR : oft N in/to n


If something interrupts a line, surface, or view, it stops it from being continuous or makes it look irregular.

Taller plants interrupt the views from the house.

VERB : V n

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