Meaning of INTERRUPT in English

/ ˌɪntəˈrʌpt; NAmE / verb


interrupt (sb/sth) (with sth) to say or do sth that makes sb stop what they are saying or doing :

[ v ]

Sorry to interrupt, but there's someone to see you.

Would you mind not interrupting all the time?

[ vn ]

I hope I'm not interrupting you.

They were interrupted by a knock at the door.

[also v speech , vn speech ]


[ vn ] to stop sth for a short time :

The game was interrupted several times by rain.

We interrupt this programme to bring you an important news bulletin.


[ vn ] to stop a line, surface, view, etc. from being even or continuous



late Middle English : from Latin interrupt- broken, interrupted, from the verb interrumpere , from inter- between + rumpere to break.

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