Meaning of INTERRUPT in English

I. ˌintəˈrəpt verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English interrupten, from Latin interruptus, past participle of interrumpere, from inter- + rumpere to break — more at reave

transitive verb

1. : to stop by breaking in : halt, hinder, or interfere with the continuation of (some activity) : prevent (one) from proceeding by intrusive or interpolated comment or action

the … recovery was interrupted by the depression of 1883-85 — F.A.Bradford

interrupt a speaker with frequent questions

2. : to break or stop the uniformity, continuity, sequence, or course of : introduce a difference in

an affair of copious eating and still more copious drinking, interrupted by bouts of homemade fun — Aldous Huxley

the plain narrows and is interrupted by broad spurs from the Pennines — L.D.Stamp

3. obsolete : obstruct , thwart , prevent

intransitive verb

: to break in upon some action or discourse : interpolate ; especially : to break in with questions or remarks while another is speaking

a bad habit of interrupting

Synonyms: see arrest

II. noun

Etymology: interrupt , verb

: a feature of a computer that permits the execution of one program to be interrupted in order to execute another ; also : the interruption itself

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