Meaning of OFFER in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ ɒfə(r), AM ɔ:fər ]

( offers, offering, offered)

Frequency: The word is one of the 700 most common words in English.


If you offer something to someone, you ask them if they would like to have it or use it.

He has offered seats at the conference table to the Russian leader and the president of Kazakhstan...

The number of companies offering them work increased...

Western governments have offered aid.

VERB : V n to n , V n n , V n


If you offer to do something, you say that you are willing to do it.

Peter offered to teach them water-skiing...

‘Can I get you a drink,’ she offered.

VERB : V to-inf , V with quote


An offer is something that someone says they will give you or do for you.

The offer of talks with Moscow marks a significant change from the previous western position...

‘I ought to reconsider her offer to move in,’ he mused...

He had refused several excellent job offers.



If you offer someone information, advice, or praise, you give it to them, usually because you feel that they need it or deserve it.

They manage a company offering advice on mergers and acquisitions...

They are offered very little counselling or support.

VERB : V n , V n n , also V n to n


If you offer someone something such as love or friendship, you show them that you feel that way towards them.

The President has offered his sympathy to the Georgian people...

It must be better to be able to offer them love and security...

John’s mother and sister rallied round offering comfort.

VERB : V n to n , V n n , V n


If people offer prayers, praise, or a sacrifice to God or a god, they speak to or give something to their god.

Church leaders offered prayers and condemned the bloodshed...

He will offer the first harvest of rice to the sun goddess.

VERB : V n , V n to n , also V n n

Offer up means the same as offer .

He should consider offering up a prayer to St Lambert.

PHRASAL VERB : V P n (not pron)


If an organization offers something such as a service or product, it provides it.

We have been successful because we are offering a quality service...

Sainsbury’s is offering customers 1p for each shopping bag re-used...

Eagle Star offers a 10% discount to the over-55s.

VERB : V n , V n n , V n to n


An offer in a shop is a specially low price for a specific product or something extra that you get if you buy a certain product.

This month’s offers include a shirt, trousers and bed covers...

Today’s special offer gives you a choice of three destinations...

Over 40 new books are on offer at 25 per cent off their normal retail price.

N-COUNT : oft supp N , also on N


If you offer a particular amount of money for something, you say that you will pay that much to buy it.

Whitney has offered $21.50 a share in cash for 49.5 million Prime shares...

They are offering farmers $2.15 a bushel for corn...

He will write Rachel a note and offer her a fair price for the land...

It was his custom in buying real estate to offer a rather low price.

VERB : V amount , V n amount , V n n , V n , also V n to n


An offer is the amount of money that someone says they will pay to buy something or give to someone because they have harmed them in some way.

He has dismissed an offer of compensation.



If you have something to offer , you have a quality or ability that makes you important, attractive, or useful.

In your free time, explore all that this incredible city has to offer.

PHRASE : V inflects


If there is something on offer , it is available to be used or bought.

Savings schemes are the best retail investment products on offer. cottages on offer at bargain prices.

PHRASE : v-link PHR


If you are open to offers , you are willing to do something if someone will pay you an amount of money that you think is reasonable.

It seems that while the Kiwis are keen to have him, he is still open to offers.

PHRASE : v-link PHR

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