Meaning of OFFER in English

I. verb


accept an offer

In the end I had to accept his offer of £4,500.

an offer of friendship

He turned down the King's offer of friendship.

attractive offer/proposition/package etc

I must say, it’s a very attractive offer.

decline an offer/invitation etc

Mary declined Jay’s invitation to dinner.

express/offer (your) sympathy

Everyone there expressed their sympathy.

firm offer (= offered to pay a particular amount )

They made a firm offer on the house over the weekend.

generous offer/support/donation etc

my employer’s generous offer to pay the bill

give sb/offer/provide a chance

I was given the chance to play the main part in the play.

Sport provides a chance for you to get outside with friends.

give/lend/offer etc sb a helping hand

She’s been giving me a helping hand with the children.

give/offer credit (= allow customers to buy things on credit )

A business may lose customers if it does not give credit.

give/offer hope

The research has given hope to thousands of sufferers of the disease.

give/offer sb an incentive

If you want people to change their behaviour, it's a good idea to offer them some kind of incentive.

give/offer sb an option

Some employees were given the option of retiring early.

Buyers will usually be offered the option of paying in instalments.

give/offer sb employment

He was offered employment in the company’s main office.

give/offer/provide reassurance

They are offering practical help and reassurance.

give/provide/offer an overview

The report provides an overview of the recent policy changes.

kindly offer/agree/give etc

Mr Nunn has kindly agreed to let us use his barn for the dance.

offer a bargain

The Regency hotel is offering off-season bargains.

offer a concession

The King was prepared to offer some concessions to France.

offer a course

The course is offered on a part-time basis.

offer a menu

The restaurant is offering a three-course menu for New Year’s Eve.

offer a perspective

Bamford offers a fresh perspective on this ongoing historical debate.

offer a possibility (= make an opportunity available )

Technology offers exciting possibilities to designers.

offer a prayer (= say a prayer in a formal way, often in a group )

Special prayers were offered for the boys during a service yesterday.

offer a reward ( also put up a reward informal )

The store has offered a £500 reward for information leading to a conviction.

offer advice

They can offer advice to those who wish to quit drinking.

offer an apology

We would like to offer our sincere apologies for the delay.

offer assistance

I would be grateful for any assistance you can offer.

offer compensation

The health authority offered compensation to the families.

offer delivery

We offer free, next-day delivery on all orders.

offer encouragement

My parents offered encouragement and support.

offer facilities

A wide range of facilities is offered.

offer help

We offer free help for people with debts.

offer resistance

The demonstrators offered no resistance.

offer sb a bribe

Some sportsmen have been offered bribes to perform badly.

offer (sb) a discount

Lenders may offer a discount on larger loans.

offer sb a job

Well, Miss Taylor, we’d like to offer you the job.

offer sb a position

They offered me the position of store manager.

offer sb a post

He was offered the post of Secretary of State for Wales.

offer sb a salary

We offer competitive salaries to graduates.

offer (sb) comfort

Volunteers are available to offer comfort and advice.

offer (your) help

The taxi driver offered his help and we accepted.

offer your resignation ( also tender/submit your resignation formal )

Claire apologized and offered her resignation.

On the Monday afternoon, Sir John tendered his resignation to the Queen.

offered...a lift

He very kindly offered me a lift .

offer/extend the hand of friendship (= officially say that you want a friendly relationship )

America extended the hand of friendship, but it was rejected.

offer/extend your thanks to sb (= thank someone publicly )

We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the medical staff at Broadgreen Hospital.

offer/provide an alternative

If your first choice is not available, we always have alternatives to offer.

offer/put forward a suggestion

A few suggestions were put forward.

Why don’t you offer your services as a tennis coach?

pass up a chance/opportunity/offer

I don’t think you should pass up the opportunity to go to university.

peace offering

pledge/offer (your) support (= say that you will support someone or something )

Both the opposition parties pledged full support for the new administration.

provide/offer a reminder

The case has provided a chilling reminder of how violently some people react to foreigners.

provide/offer a service

Datapost offers a delivery service to over 160 countries.

Our aim is to provide the best service at the lowest price.

the supply of goods and services

provide/offer a solution

I don't think that tourism will provide a long-term solution to rural employment problems.

provide/offer an explanation

This theory may provide an explanation for the origins of the universe.

provide/offer contrast

The plant is very attractive, and provides excellent contrast to other plants.

provide/offer/create a safe haven (for sb)

The prime minister wanted to create a safe haven for the refugees.

send/offer your condolences (= formally express your sympathy when someone has died )

special offer

The hotel has a special offer of five nights for the price of three.

take sb up on an offer/a promise/a suggestion etc

I’ll take you up on that offer of a drink, if it still stands.

thank you for your kind invitation/offer (= said when thanking someone very politely for their invitation or offer )




These centres of production existed primarily to provide jobs, but also offered a social focus.

They also offer parents the best controls over the content available to young children.

It also offers perimeter weighting, greater face thickness than any steel driver and feel and sound comparable with persimmon.

The center also offers tap and ballroom dance classes, yoga and Chairobics, which is a low-impact exercise program.

Lenders want low-risk outlets for their money, which also offer attractive returns.

Apple and several other computer and software firms also offer free conversion programs.

The hotel also offers a three-lane bowling alley with a bar.

Greystone will also offer happy hours.



New media offer many advantages over the magnetic tapes that they replace.

On-line backup offers several advantages over removable storage systems.

I stress that King's Cross would offer advantages even if no rail link were built.

Hardened firewall hosts also offer specific advantages , for example: Concentration of security.

Such unpredictability can offer advantages , however.

To these group owners the brokered-time concept offers many advantages .

They can offer little advantage over pressure jet cleaners, are sometimes dangerous and are generally more expensive to run.

This does offer advantages , because other plant health problems can be monitored at the same time.


I was happy to offer advice by telephone while Moby was still a puppy - simple and, better still, free!

He had started a company that offered clients marketing advice .

Booze and babes May I offer a piece of advice to Carrie Schlegel and other precocious kids writing to your letters page?

Lisa offered advice about points of law, suggestions for how to proceed.

Their quality of work is excellent and they offer good, sound advice .

When Julie had a home problem, her two best friends at work tried to offer advice based on their own experiences.

He also offers the latest advice on how soon you should start training again.

I've tried everything from ignoring them to offering advice and I don't know what to do anymore.


Four pilot Workstart schemes will be started, offering financial assistance to employers who take on people who have been long-term unemployed.

If the employer offers assistance towards housing costs, worries about living in a more expensive environment may be allayed.

This generally proves useful when they interpret and offer technical assistance to officials approving the budget.

They hurried there but the consulate could offer no assistance .

For one thing, I went around the company offering expert assistance to people.

If help is required you will probably be asked, although there is nothing wrong with offering your assistance .

A: I agree that Resolve offers very important assistance to couples and individuals involved in fertility treatments.


Ormseby Hall club in Middlesbrough is offering the chance to play as is Newcastle University.

He sent Meekins, the officer, to a secret administrative hearing that offered no chance of jail.

Haywood High school is offering them the chance to attend weekly masterclasses, to stretch their minds that bit more.

The company offers college students a chance to learn management of a company and earn money during their summer breaks.

Why are we offering you the chance of such a fantastic windfall?

If he had some sinister purpose, then why would he offer me a chance to escape?

To be fair we have also been offered the chance of revising articles which attracted substantial justifiable criticism.

The difference is that the 1920s offered far fewer chances for athletes to cash in big.


If you can not use the terms I have offered you, the choice of another is up to you.

Employers will by law be required to offer employees a choice among at least three so-called Food Benefit Plans.

That's what I call offering the reader a choice of endings; but you may find me quite unreasonably literal-minded.

Of course, Tesoro offers plenty of choices for the beer drinker as well.

They will lend against most types of property and offer a choice of capital repayment, endowment or pension linked mortgages.

Tampa Bay has also shown interest, offering first and second-round choices , according to a league source.

It must offer the choice of a devolved assembly, the statusquo and independence.

Converse felt that he was being offered a choice of responses.


Many companies offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Quackenbush polled 86 companies and groups offering homeowner policies in California.

The company also offers an invaluable planning and advice service for people who would rather undertake to do the work themselves.

The company also offers numerous canoeing and kayaking classes as well as river trips.

Retraining Occasionally, companies offer departing executives assistance with retraining.

All four companies offer them for certain employees, but it often depends on the job.

Only the international campaign against the pharmaceutical companies forced them to offer drugs to developing countries at lower prices.

Even silent company offers her a needed sense of security and caring.


In addition there are 44 colleges, 11 of which offer full-time courses of at least three years.

The schools might not have been able to offer courses that would pass muster.

The centre also offers courses on Saturday nights to prepare newcomers to windsurfing, lifesaving and snorkelling.

Experts said parents can ask schools to offer conflict resolution courses or peer mediation programs.

The Department offers courses on all four campuses of the University.

In 1965, Clark Center offered twenty-six courses .

They can be attended individually but are also offered as a weekend course .

Thirty-six different species of birds were recorded - a reflection of the varying habitats offered by the course .


Maybe I could have been offered a discount if I brought my wife next time.

The move signals weak industry sales and will probably force other automakers to offer similar discounts .

You can avoid the commissions by using independent financial advisers which offer a discount service.

Magnanimously, I jumped in and offered to pay the discount difference so that my dining friend would not feel cheated.

Bovis Homes P&O Group employees are offered a discount of 2% on the purchase of Bovis homes.

Some resorts also offer promotional discounts if you pay with one specific credit card or another.

In addition, Robert Adam: Architect of Genius is offered at a special discount price to all visitors to the exhibition.

In recent weeks, Northwest and USAir began offering their own e-mail discounts on their Web sites.


Each, in any event, offers explanations at a level deeper than prediction.

Powell could offer no explanation for the militaristic style of the courtrooms.

It seems that most chairmen do offer a brief explanation of the tribunal's procedures, though these may be rather perfunctory.

Here again psychological factors are offered as an explanation .

Marx's work offers a very different explanation for the inequalities within and between societies.

He offered another explanation for why Sen.

The biography by Julia Langdon, a well-connected political journalist, purported to offer some explanations .

I tried to offer explanations , drawing on my brief legal experience.


The firm has already offered Coronation Street romeo Reg Holdsworth one for his honeymoon.

Computer firms are expected to offer matches and other incentives to buy their equipment.

To help them, firms usually offer some form of financial assistance.

Apple and several other computer and software firms also offer free conversion programs.

Now the car firm is offering a reward for information about the robbery.

The 10-year-old San Francisco firm started offering pager service in May and Internet access last month.

Specialised assignments were often given to smaller firms offering particular expertise in that sector, with generally good results.

In 1995, the number of firms offering coverage to early retirees fell to 41 percent from 43 percent in 1994.


Some museums will offer specialist help for this activity.

I am worried about her, and my husband and I offer help .

Friends have approached Susan and offered their help for fund raising projects.

There are contrasting arguments as to whether McCree was offered any sort of help .

Do any offer help to the project manager in motivating the team?

If somebody is sick, you offer the family help .

All local authority social services departments offer different kinds of help and support.

Many women have serious problems and deserve to be treated with respect and offered help that is to the point.


Science and reason seem now to offer mankind more hope of happiness and a decrease in suffering than is offered in religions.

And a raft of prospective third-party saviors offered no hope .

Yet the theory and practice of community development can offer some hope in the matter of the control of health care.

But at first glance, his own might have seemed to offer little hope of withstanding its seventy-five-ton impact.

Educational vocationalism does not seem to offer much hope for the reform either of education or of the labour market.

Forbes is not simply selling a flat tax; he is offering hope and confidence.

Results of well controlled studies offer considerable hope of an improvement in survival.

At best, she guessed, it will result in a treatment that offers some hope to some people.


Prisons offer hundreds of new jobs and an influx of capital to areas faced with stagnation and long-term decline.

But a lot of the other talk about people being approached and people being offered the job was speculation and inaccurate speculation.

I offered to do some jobs until the others returned.

They offered me a job conducting classes in thirteen of their stores.

After going to work in the Gulf states she was offered a job with the princesses.

That old geezer was so impressed that he offered me a job on the spot.

In middle age he was offered a job with the management of the factory and he took it.

About 250 San Diegans were offered jobs in Tucson, but many more remain jobless or have moved away.


Chance, fate or whatever you want to call it was offering me the opportunity to finally get you out of my system.

A motorcycle offers unlimited opportunities to make a fool of yourself, never mind dying.

Anywhere within the walls to some one who really knows the place would offer many opportunities to elude you.

The surrounding area also offered better opportunities for education.

The Directors propose to offer shareholders the opportunity to receive fully paid ordinary shares in the Company in lieu of the cash dividend.

I offered them an opportunity to correct my proposed model.

The eruption itself offers interesting problems and opportunities in dating.

The Faculty offers opportunities to study and conduct research in most branches of law and legal scholarship.


Discussion Impedance planimetry is a novel technique offering possibilities to characterise biomechanical properties invivo of the gut wall.

But soon they will be interactive, offering intriguing new possibilities .

Just because the technology offers exciting possibilities , we can not assume that they will be realised.

But a higher-ranking Navy officer overruled the recommendations, sending the officer to an administrative hearing offering no possibility of jail.

The log-hyperbolic distribution offers the possibility of a range of curve fittings, one limiting case of which is the log-normal distribution.

Their theory offers up the interesting possibility that these shallow quakes have their source in the deeper earth.

Certainly the resulting curriculum looks rather dull compared with the initial considerations which offered the possibility of a refreshing new view.

In general, integrated curricula offer possibilities that are impossible to create otherwise.


The number of funded vacancies may be insufficient for all of them to be offered full-time posts .

He returned to Hopkins after Blalock offered him a post in the art department.

He was more interested in offering the post to John Lloyd, one of the most respected journalists on the Financial Times.

He was offered the post of clerk to the Privy Council or of Ambassador to Savoy.

Six seats would be allocated to Taylor, who was offered the post of Speaker and could make nominations for the cabinet.

Following Bennett's withdrawal a number of other candidates had been unsuccessfully approached until Yeutter was offered the post on Jan. 3.

Morris wrote endlessly and was even offered the post of poet laureate.

It is understood that he would have liked to have been offered the post of Leader of the House.


Two superb lace shops also offer a wide range of goods from souvenirs to wedding dresses!

Customers are offered a greater range of destinations and flight times, while carriers can reduce capacity and share costs.

Dorma offers a range of ready-made curtains, valances and tiebacks.

They can help the reader to develop the appreciation and enjoyment of pictorial material by offering a range of rich visual experiences.

Together with a cash trust, Legal &038; General offers a range of index trusts that covers the world's main markets.

As one of the world's leading banks, Midland can offer a full range of cash and cheque payment services.

We will offer unemployed people a range of employment and training opportunities.

Kielder offers a wide range of recreational opportunities.


Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee are offering their own rate-reduction measure during today's hearing.

It will offer a fair rates policy that gives 100 percent. rates relief to people whom the present Government have abandoned.

Various other packages are offered at comparable rates , ski tours being slightly more.

Naturally the best rates are offered when interest rates are high and expected to rise even further.

That allows some credit unions to offer interest rates at least 2 percent lower on loans than commercial banks.

You will probably find that there are newer schemes offering much higher rates .

The Institute is offering an introductory rate through May 18.


It offered no resistance and Urquhart was almost thrown off balance when it slipped free.

He offered no resistance and made no final statement, Kindel said.

The animals here are at the command of mankind and offer no resistance to their own exploitation.

Hoard and Graham plowed downfield, with the Raiders offering little resistance .

She had remained quiet in his grasp, offering no active resistance , aware that it would be useless.

The demonstrators offered no resistance and none were physically removed from the site.

However, Wainwright offered stubborn resistance , and responded with some hard hitting from the baseline to level the score at 6-6.

She took the wastebin and the book from his hands, and he could offer her no resistance .


A chauffeuring service is offered using a dashing S-type Jaguar.

The service also offers access to the products and services of important Journal advertisers.

Upon referral, home-based services are offered to prevent placement of children out of the home.

The service will be offered world-wide in multiple languages.

School library loan services can offer a wide range of material.

The National Foundation of Funeral Service offers a continuing education program designed for active practitioners in the field.


Gold service will offer personal technical account support , on-site and phone support and extended coverage hours.

Strangers patted their shoulders and offered words of support .

Open-sprung and continuous-sprung mattresses are the cheaper type and have springs that link together, offering less precise support .

Nor does anything in the history of the Amendment offer any support for such a shocking doctrine.

A worship committee should be able to offer support as well as advice to the director.

The Geocentrists, on the other hand, could offer convincing support for their system from a number of quarters.

ThyssenKrupp, the steel group, offered some support as it gained 2.3 per cent.

Most of them were offering support and expressing concern about the well-being of center Marcus Camby.


burnt offering

I've no wish to see the hungry rafters sitting down to plates of burnt offerings.

We must sacrifice the most valued possession among us and make it a burnt offering.

extend/offer/hold out etc an olive branch (to sb)

hand/give/offer sb sth on a plate

introductory offer/price etc

As an introductory offer the first 1,000 brochures to be sent will include a 10% discount voucher.

Continental begins service to Lima on March 14 with an introductory offer of $ 558 for a round-trip ticket.

Those looking for a low introductory offer that covers both purchases and transfers could consider the Nationwide Building Society and Marbles.

Usually customers are encouraged to join by a special introductory offer of very cheap books or records.


"Do you want me to look after the children next week?" "No, but thanks for offering."

Can I offer you a ride?

Chaldon was offered a huge salary to become team manager.

He offered no explanation for his actions.

I'd like to offer help if you need it.

I've been offered the job!

I offered to help her with the dishes.

Police are offering a reward for information about the shooting.

Sending goods by road offers greater speed and flexibility.

She didn't even offer me a cup of tea.

She was the kind of teacher who was always ready to offer advice and encouragement.

Some guy offered me £2,000 for the car. I just laughed and hung up the phone.

The booklet offers practical advice to new parents.

The prison now offers inmates the chance to study and take exams.

The shelter offers some protection from the icy winds.

Unfortunately, they offered the contract to someone else.

Why don't you offer them a drink while I finish getting dinner ready?


At a rodeo in Billings, organizers offer literature defending their treatment of livestock to counter animal-rights objections.

Better Schools signalled the government's intention to offer a further statement on the organisation and content of the 5-16 curriculum.

In addition to the benefits conferred by Development Zone status, Tadchester has a good deal to offer the industrialist.

Mr Bessen said he plans to offer the same deal again to customers starting Friday.

The city will offer various leagues and instructional programs.

The faint hope he had offered shrivelled and died in the heat of the hungry, leaping flames.

Voters were offered real choices, within limits.

Watch out ... Bathtime Bear offers no less than 10 different activities.

II. noun




Agree with the vendors the timetable of events following the meeting and the deadline for the revised firm offers .

I got the script with a firm offer .

If no firm offer has been made within three months the farmer is free to go ahead with his original plans.

Now one firm offers a free guarantee that you won't lose out.


But the directors of the museum at that time were so insensitive that they actually discouraged her generous offer .

He would allow them half a day to consider this generous offer , otherwise the fullest attacks would continue.

With such a generous offer , it is easy to overlook the small print.


And while that would seem to leave Jen open to offers , bear in mind that she can be a difficult customer.

It's not that his parents weren't open to better offers .

Accordingly, the open offer and clawback preserves the pre-emption rights of existing shareholders of the bidder.

Pennine, with a £3.2m capitalisation, is raising £2.2m through an open offer to shareholders on a two-for-three basis at 70p.

They've found that training with the Open Business School offers managers courses that fit their needs and their work experience.

The second is the extent to which the offeror's shareholders will take up shares under the open offer .


He was clever at finding bargains, reporting back to her about the special offers , the cheaper lines.

The special offers two pancakes, two eggs, bacon and sausage for $ 1. 99.

Unless it's a special offer , companies aren't obliged to stick to the prices they display in their ads.

The special offers can also disappear without warning.

This special offer price includes post and packing and is only available until the end of August.

Borrowers are also informed about special customer offers such as fixed rate mortgages.

You may be sent details of Silvervision special offers as a result of your entry.


The vendor or his agent may already have decided to sell the land by auction, tender or highest offer .

Sherwin-Williams acquired Pratt &038; Lambert for $ 400 million through a tender offer for Pratt &038; Lambert stock.

This sounds fine in theory but tender offers are rarely used in practice.

Merrill Lynch &038; Co. is the exclusive dealer manager and solicitation agent for the tender offers and the consent solicitations.

They might therefore be fearful of losing out if they accept a tender offer prematurely.

This attempt is generally made via a tender offer .

It also prescribed new regulations governing tender offers .

The tender offer involves an offer to the public to bid for the shares but with a minimum subscription price.



They will share hopes, problems, enthusiasms, trade knowledge, offer advice , relate their plans.

If you are depressed, see your doctor, who will be able to discuss your difficulties with you and offer advice .

Professional career counsellors can assess your strengths and weaknesses and offer advice .

You can make suggestions, offer advice and give support but final decisions must be theirs.

The social work staff visit and inspect and offer advice and guidance where necessary in the interests of the child.

Help the Aged Community Alarms Department offers advice on alarms.

They would be available to share expertise, offer advice and provide an informed focus for locally based educational advance.

Whenever economists make predictions or offer advice they use principles.


A partial offer document is, therefore, a more time-consuming document to prepare.

Guinness was accused of bad faith, in particular for failing to adhere to promises made in the official offer documents .

This should be explained in the offer document .

Before the offer document is published, it must be submitted to the supervisory authority and the management of the target company.

The supervisory authority may forbid the publication of an offer document that is incomplete or requires additional information.


She turned down the job offer but wondered if she would regret it.

Then as they look at careers or get job offers , they can weigh them against their list of values.

He says no company of that size can be run without some bureaucracy, and turned down job offers in big corporations.

Coming out of college, she turned down several lucrative job offers and made just $ 17, 000 two years ago.

In general, you are on stronger ground once a job offer has been made and they have decided they want you.

In many cases, applicants are so excited about the job offer that they grab it too quickly.

A further 8 percent had received an acceptable job offer and would be commencing work shortly after the end of the course.

One such twenty-two-year-old chemical engineering graduate had six job offers .


This special offer price includes post and packing and is only available until the end of August.

Our special offer price is £25.75.

The special offer price is £93.40.

At the initial offer price for the unit trust of 50p, the estimated gross yield is 6.25%.

The shares jumped 5p to 215p, 5p above the July offer price .

Tadpole Technology grabbed the limelight, up another 8p at 143p and nearly double its 75p offer price .

Increased competition caused a narrowing of the margins between bid and offer price , and a reduction in commissions.


Types of takeover offer General offer A general offer is an offer for the entire issued equity share capital of a company.

A Court Scheme represents an alternative to a takeover offer as a method of acquiring control of a public company.

Recommended offer A takeover offer which is recommended by the board of the target company.

It may be used to acquire control of a target company as an alternative to a takeover offer .

For this reason, by far the majority of takeovers proceed by way of a takeover offer .

The form of the announcement, as with a takeover offer , will be governed by Rule 2.5 of the Code.

Mandatory offer A takeover offer required to be made under Rule 9 of the City Code.



But I was too bloody scared to accept the offer .

They would have liked Apple to accept the offer .

He also said the chief would offer Small Star four horses for him, and that Small Star should accept the offer.

Why hadn't she accepted Ben's offer ?

When I asked Jasper what had stopped him from accepting these large offers , the question startled him.

However, Richard Baxter was hesitant to accept this offer for other reasons also.

If Barnett turns down the Bruins and accepts a reported 12-year offer from Northwestern, Dalis is expected to move quickly.


Lady Thatcher caused a storm by considering the lucrative offer .

He was also reportedly considering several offers from private businesses.

If the night passes without incident, I may consider the Archbishop's offer .

Perhaps she is still considering the offer .

They will then try to revive his spirits while they consider which offer of a new home is most suitable for him.

When this happens it is time to celebrate and consider all the various offers raining in from the major labels.

He would allow them half a day to consider this generous offer , otherwise the fullest attacks would continue.


Such inconvenience pre-disposes young and old alike to decline both the offer and acceptance of joint occupancy.

Strangely, she declined my offer to send her a copy and said she would obtain one herself.

Fenn declined the offer to buy with a bemused wave of his hand.

Because he believes he can still play, Thompson declined the offer .

Not surprisingly, the defendant declined this offer .

Craig declined all job offers to coach or scout.

I quickly declined his offer by shaking my head and putting my hands above my head in mock surrender.

Citing security, officials have declined to offer specifics on how profiling would work.


But she was sensitive enough to let those at the Mill believe that they were making a competitive offer .

When he made me ajob offer , I accepted.

At the very least he could have telephoned and explained that he'd been made a better offer .

Decided to deal only with the sales manager, who has the power to make decisions about my offer .

It was so hot and dry, another party on Gimer made us an offer we couldn't refuse.

The Clinton administration last week made a new offer to the computer industry on the issue of data encryption.

We made this offer on humanitarian grounds.

Fazio denied making any such offer .


Responding to weekend press comment the company said yesterday that it had received offers for its Superdrug pharmacy chain.

Freeman's received an offer of as-yet unspecified help from Rep.

You may receive promotional offers after entering this contest.

Sanborn said one of his students received an offer of $ 60, 000 to develop software.

Candidates offering a range of subjects, rather than all Maths/Science subjects are more likely to receive offers for certain courses.

The designation prevented him from receiving offers from other teams, and his exclusive rights belonged to the Cardinals.

Eventually, there is a payment to be made when the would-be borrower receives an offer letter.

They receive the lowest starting offers of any college-educated professionals.


It was understood, however, that the Soviet government had refused the offer prior to Gorbachev's visit.

Sammler had refused the offer of a key to her apartment.

I must refuse the offer of a fortune, however.

Debon, however, again refused the lunch offer .

She refused the porter's offer to crack open the bottle, and settled herself for a long wait.

If an employee refuses the offer of another identical job he loses redundancy entitlement.

She refused the offer of alternative employment and presented a doctor's certificate.

Afterwards, they parted awkwardly on the pavement, each refusing the other's offer of a lift.


He will then send both forms to the finance company which will either accept or reject both offers .

Niedecker rejected the offer and reported the approach to his superiors.

The Interfax news agency reported that Pope rejected Putin's offer , saying he preferred to wait for his own doctors.

Grace has said it has already rejected the Baxter offer as it now stands and sees no reason to talk.

Uncle Jack fell into the latter category, Ursula vehemently rejecting his offer to lend a hand.

It says it rejected earlier offers of Fondiaria's shares as too expensive.

For years they rejected all manner of offers from television for fear it would corrupt them.


She turned down Tracey's offer of another drink, and agreed to speak to him again that evening.

Yet there are times when bureaucracies have turned down offers of money.

I turned down the offer at first because I'd never made a roux sauce.

After careful consideration, Jay turned down the offer .

Although, to be honest, I'd understand if he turned down the offer of a return match.

He never turned down an offer from Louise. life, but then she had gone and married some one else.

I might have made a mistake to turn down offers when they were there.

She'd turned down the offers of promotion because of Emily.


If Fred regrets offering his old car to Brian, can he withdraw his offer?

Castle Square tenants association had submitted a petition calling on the council to withdraw the offer .

Why had Mahoney withdrawn his offer to help so suddenly and unexpectedly?

Mr Gubbay said that the appointment of a replacement was illegal, and withdrew his offer to take early retirement.

Midland Life reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time before the commencement of your Bond.

Minton, by now tired of publicity and fuss, refused and the hotel withdrew its offer .


burnt offering

I've no wish to see the hungry rafters sitting down to plates of burnt offerings.

We must sacrifice the most valued possession among us and make it a burnt offering.

extend/offer/hold out etc an olive branch (to sb)

introductory offer/price etc

As an introductory offer the first 1,000 brochures to be sent will include a 10% discount voucher.

Continental begins service to Lima on March 14 with an introductory offer of $ 558 for a round-trip ticket.

Those looking for a low introductory offer that covers both purchases and transfers could consider the Nationwide Building Society and Marbles.

Usually customers are encouraged to join by a special introductory offer of very cheap books or records.

top an offer/a bid etc


How could you refuse such a fantastic offer ?

I'll sell the car if I get a good offer .

Pan Am accepted an offer to sell its African and Asian routes.

Since the story ran in local papers, the family has received several offers of help.


Candidates offering a range of subjects, rather than all Maths/Science subjects are more likely to receive offers for certain courses.

He retired from the Navy in 1979 to accept an offer to be president of the Citadel military college in South Carolina.

It was an offer which many women of good family in the area would have been delighted to accept.

Our offer pack contains three of these hangers.

Should people take advantage of this offer ?

The management offer involves a lump sum payment of £300 and a pay rise of about £8 a week from next July.

This time the offer is believed to have been advanced to £5m.

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