Meaning of OFFER in English

v. & n.


1. tr. present for acceptance or refusal or consideration (offered me a drink; was offered a lift; offer one's services; offer no apology).

2 intr. (foll. by to + infin.) express readiness or show intention (offered to take the children).

3 tr. provide; give an opportunity for.

4 tr. make available for sale.

5 tr. (of a thing) present to one's attention or consideration (each day offers new opportunities).

6 tr. present (a sacrifice, prayer, etc.) to a deity.

7 intr. present itself; occur (as opportunity offers).

8 tr. give an opportunity for (battle) to an enemy.

9 tr. attempt, or try to show (violence, resistance, etc.).


1. an expression of readiness to do or give if desired, or to buy or sell (for a certain amount).

2 an amount offered.

3 a proposal (esp. of marriage).

4 a bid.

Phrases and idioms:

on offer for sale at a certain (esp. reduced) price.


offerer n. offeror n.

Etymology: OE offrian in religious sense, f. L offerre (as OB-, ferre bring)

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