Meaning of OVERTAKE in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ oʊvə(r)teɪk ]

( overtakes, overtaking, overtook, overtaken)


If you overtake a vehicle or a person that is ahead of you and moving in the same direction, you pass them. ( mainly BRIT; in AM, usually use pass )

When he eventually overtook the last truck he pulled over to the inside lane...

The red car was pulling out ready to overtake.

VERB : V n , V


If someone or something overtakes a competitor, they become more successful than them.

Sales are booming in Japan, which has overtaken Britain as the Mini’s biggest market.

VERB : V n


If an event overtakes you, it happens unexpectedly or suddenly.

Tragedy was shortly to overtake him, however.

= befall

VERB : V n


If a feeling overtakes you, it affects you very strongly. ( LITERARY )

Something like panic overtook me...

= overwhelm

VERB : V n

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