Meaning of OVERTAKE in English


/ ˌəʊvəˈteɪk; NAmE ˌoʊvərˈt-/ verb ( over·took / -ˈtʊk; NAmE / over·taken / -ˈteɪkən; NAmE /)


( especially BrE ) to go past a moving vehicle or person ahead of you because you are going faster than they are :

[ vn ]

He pulled out to overtake a truck.

[ v ]

It's dangerous to overtake on a bend.


[ vn ] to become greater in number, amount or importance than sth else

SYN outstrip :

Nuclear energy may overtake oil as the main fuel.

We mustn't let ourselves be overtaken by our competitors.


[ vn ] [ often passive ] if sth unpleasant overtakes a person, it unexpectedly starts to happen and to affect them :

The climbers were overtaken by bad weather.

Sudden panic overtook her.

Our original plan was overtaken by events (= the situation changed very rapidly) and we had to make a new one.

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