Meaning of REFLECTION in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ rɪflekʃ(ə)n ]

( reflections)


A reflection is an image that you can see in a mirror or in glass or water.

Meg stared at her reflection in the bedroom mirror.



Reflection is the process by which light and heat are sent back from a surface and do not pass through it.

...the reflection of a beam of light off a mirror.



If you say that something is a reflection of a particular person’s attitude or of a situation, you mean that it is caused by that attitude or situation and therefore reveals something about it.

Inhibition in adulthood seems to be very clearly a reflection of a person’s experiences as a child.

N-COUNT : usu N of n


If something is a reflection or a sad reflection on a person or thing, it gives a bad impression of them.

Infection with head lice is no reflection on personal hygiene...

The library is unique and its break-up would be a sad reflection on the value we place on our heritage.

N-SING : usu N on n


Reflection is careful thought about a particular subject. Your reflections are your thoughts about a particular subject.

After days of reflection she decided to write back...

N-UNCOUNT : also N in pl

If someone admits or accepts something on reflection , they admit or accept it after having thought carefully about it.

On reflection, he says, he very much regrets the comments.


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