Meaning of REFLECTION in English

( BrE also less frequent re·flex·ion ) / rɪˈflekʃn; NAmE / noun


[ C ] an image in a mirror, on a shiny surface, on water, etc. :

He admired his reflection in the mirror.


[ U ] the action or process of sending back light, heat, sound, etc. from a surface


[ C ] a sign that shows the state or nature of sth :

Your clothes are often a reflection of your personality.

The increase in crime is a sad reflection on (= shows sth bad about) our society today.


[ U ] careful thought about sth, sometimes over a long period of time :

She decided on reflection to accept his offer after all.

A week off would give him time for reflection.


[ C , usually pl. ] your written or spoken thoughts about a particular subject or topic :

a book of her reflections on childhood


[ C ] an account or a description of sth :

The article is an accurate reflection of events that day.


see mature adjective



late Middle English : from Old French reflexion or late Latin reflexio(n-) , from Latin reflex- bent back, from the verb reflectere .

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