Meaning of REFLECTION in English





The map is drawn to help the traveller, not to be an accurate reflection of reality.

People need to see accurate cultural reflections of themselves in order to feet welcomed and rooted.

Evidence is also presented which suggests that amylase determination in oesophageal fluid is an accurate reflection of salivary contamination.

These changes are designed to provide a more accurate reflection of the roles of the various officers.


Then we have the student's critical reflections on that discourse.

Similar passages of critical reflection or speculation can be found in many books.


As this is more than a fair reflection of Sri Lanka's strengths and weaknesses, it was all very accommodating.

The analysis reveals the information that could or should exist if the model is a fair reflection of the real world activity.

Oldfield's initial deal had been a fair reflection of the market-place at the time.


This last comparison provokes one further reflection .

What is seen first as an issue may be resolved in further inquiry and reflection .

This essay presents further reflections on comparative method.

Some work, some do not work and provoke further active reflection .

On further reflection , I think this is exactly what he is saying, and its significance is immense.

Consumer durables Ownership of particular consumer durables is a further reflection of standards of living.


An optical fibre uses total internal reflection to carry a light beam over long distance and around corners.

Reflective abstraction is internal thought or reflection based on available knowledge.

It is not the purpose here to explain exactly how an optical fibre works in terms of total internal reflection .

At the formal operational level, internal reflection can result in new knowledge-new construction.

This is an example of total internal reflection . 35.

A third way, called an endoscope, uses the principle of total internal reflection which we saw in the demonstration.


His men would carry their standard-issue M16 rifles, although on mature reflection he decided that they should not be loaded.

On mature reflection , however, I begin to see his point.

One can not condemn some one without mature reflection on his conduct.


One could argue that the poisonous atmosphere in rugby is a rather sad reflection of the vitriolic exchanges between politicians.

Meanwhile a sad reflection dawns upon the well-intentioned occupant of the ministerial chair.

A sad reflection on human nature, and the times we live in, but true.

When he leaves her for the Gipsy and she dances. alone, it becomes a sad reflection of what has been.

It is a sad reflection on life that it takes danger and suffering to bring people closer together.

It is a sad reflection on the Opposition.

It is a sad reflection on his party that for so long he did not enjoy a smell of office.


Restrictions on and beliefs about language may be part of the construction of gender rather than a simple reflection of it.

What is needed to counter it is the simple reflection that there are some things that every rational person desires and values.

This line of development underlines the base/superstructure dichotomy and reduces consciousness to a simple reflection of the material base of society.


Requests for funding theological reflection need to be stimulated.

One morning she was working at home on an assignment for her class in theological reflection .

Any theological reflection on human work and social praxis ought to be rooted in this fundamental affirmation.

The most systematic theological reflection on these problems was offered in this period by Ernst Troeltsch.


It could be argued that this apparent overestimate is a true reflection of the total amount of uplift.

But true reflection inspires, informs, and ultimately demands resolution.

It seems unlikely, however, that this is a true reflection of the significance of such behaviour.

Prices fixed by private monopolies such as these would be no truer a reflection of the market than those fixed by the state.

In doing so, it was a true reflection of the outlook and political style of the Home Secretary.

An image of national unity should be portrayed even if this was not a true reflection of reality.

A true reflection of the high cultural status Guinness has achieved in its native land.

Her husband, the Rev. George Butler, understood it as a true reflection of divine love.



She wondered how Angharad felt when she caught sight of her reflection in shop windows.

Norm caught their reflection in the plate-glass window.

As she stood up she caught sight of her reflection in the fly-spotted mirror.

She caught sight of her reflection in the long looking-glass.

Then, over her shoulder, he caught sight of the reflection in the glass of one of the picture frames.


But if you keep looking beyond the reflections you eventually notice the glow creeping into the sky.

Jim Scott looked at his reflection in the mirror, studying his features.

She looked at her reflection in the wall-length mirror, lifting her chin.

He looked at his reflection in the window over the sink.


Finally, the chapter concludes by providing some reflections about the prospects during the decade ahead.

These changes are designed to provide a more accurate reflection of the roles of the various officers.

The cocoa trade provides a stark reflection of the power relations behind South-North trade.

It provides an interesting reflection on the type of farming that predominates in the various parts of the country.


I see my weapons as reflections of a sensible, realistic caution - that of a true professional.

I saw my reflection in the window.

Apart from lights from distant towns, all she saw was her own reflection in the dark glass.

Just the same, I had the feeling I was seeing some sort of reflection , a light, a color.

Unfortunately Shepard's radar stubbornly refused to see its own reflections .

Women see their reflections an aver-age of seventeen times a day.

He waited until he could no longer see the reflection of her candle, before going back to the dining room.

They seem a lot less sure about what they want to see in the reflection .&038;.


Theda was left to stare again at her reflection , all her pleasure in the delectable peach gown destroyed.

Or remain to stare down the reflection of his own fear?

Crossing to the dressing-table, she sat down, staring at her reflection glumly.

Once inside, she sank on to the quilted bench opposite the marble vanity and stared at her reflection .

He cleaned up as best he could and stared blankly at his reflection , noting the flamboyant colors and the swelling.

Doubts came rushing in as she stared at her reflection , wondering what on earth had possessed her to buy it.

He stared into his own reflection in the tarnished mirror at the back of the counter.

With a silly smile on her face she walked across to stare at her reflection in the dressing-table mirror.


Then she studied her maid's reflection in the glass.

The people at the curb listened to the speeches and snapped their papers, studying their reflections in the darkened windows.

He stood up, walked across to the mirror and there studied his reflection .

He glanced up from the letter and studied his reflection in the glass panel of the cabinet door.


He went back to looking out the window, sometimes watching the reflection of the room in it.

Others leaned over the gunwale watching their own reflections ripple over the black water.

She wound the window down and watched her own reflection disappear.

In darkness we stood at the windows, watching our reflections .

We watch their reflection and they watch ours.

He caught it and flipped it again watching the flashing reflections lazily.

If you want to watch your reflection pacing beside you, there it is.

Standing close to its edge she watched her reflection there.


on mature reflection/consideration

His men would carry their standard-issue M16 rifles, although on mature reflection he decided that they should not be loaded.


a reflection of the moon on the surface of the lake

Anna stood looking at her reflection in the mirror.

I could see my reflection in his glasses.

Many working women have little time for reflection .

the reflection of the moon on the surface of the lake


A third way, called an endoscope, uses the principle of total internal reflection which we saw in the demonstration.

It is not just an automatic reflection of gender.

Methods of controlling expenses are a mere reflection of the levels of trust in an organization.

The contrasting images which survive of Osred are probably a reflection of the increasing divisions within the Northumbrian kingdom at this time.

The full bright moon and the reflection of the snow made a mockery of the night.

Whether they liked him or not, Johnson was an awfully good reflection on them.

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