Meaning of THRUST in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ θrʌst ]

( thrusts, thrusting, thrust)


If you thrust something or someone somewhere, you push or move them there quickly with a lot of force.

They thrust him into the back of a jeep...

= shove

VERB : V n prep / adv

Thrust is also a noun.

Two of the knife thrusts were fatal.



If you thrust your way somewhere, you move there, pushing between people or things which are in your way.

She thrust her way into the crowd...

= push

VERB : V way prep / adv


If something thrusts up or out of something else, it sticks up or sticks out in a noticeable way. ( LITERARY )

An aerial thrust up from the grass verge...

A ray of sunlight thrust out through the clouds.

VERB : V adv / prep , V adv / prep


Thrust is the power or force that is required to make a vehicle move in a particular direction.

It provides the thrust that makes the craft move forward.



The thrust of an activity or of an idea is the main or essential things it expresses.

The main thrust of the research will be the study of the early Universe and galaxy formation...

N-SING : adj N , usu N of n


cut and thrust: see cut

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