Meaning of THRUST in English


I. verb


stuff/thrust sth in your pocket (= put it there quickly and carelessly )

He took off his cap and stuffed it in his pocket.




The agonized hand-wringing about internationalism and the finer points of world politics were thrust aside .


Timman advanced, creating problems for Speelman with a pawn thrust deep into his opponent's position, splitting Black's forces.

I continue along the dark pavement with my hands thrust deep inside my pockets.

Johnny was standing with his back to the window, his hands thrust deep into his pockets.

She watched dazedly as he paced in front of the cottage, hands thrust deep into the pockets of his jeans.

They thrust deep into Republican territory.


Somehow her fingers had automatically closed over the bag he had thrust forward .

The rear foot is used because it has the forward thrust of the body behind it.

Her talons are thrust forward ready to grab the food.

My head had been thrust forward and eyes half closed.

Ewan's former opponent, freed for a second, thrust forward with his spear.

As the match entered its final stages Civil Service thrust forward again using the long ball into the circle.

Still, though, the expression is unyielding, the chin thrusting forward in defiance.

She wound a lime chiffon scarf of Madeleine's around her head, and practised pouting with one hip thrust forward .


the cut and thrust of sth

Away from the cut and thrust of soccer management, Bates knew how to keep second wife Pam in her place.

It has all the cut and thrust of an ideological conflict.


Thrusting the gun back into its holster, the man grinned at the body lying on the floor.

Clark thrust a paper sack across the counter and demanded money.

He thrust some money into my hand and told me to drive him to the airport.

He thrust the knife deep into the animal's chest.

He nervously thrust his hands into his pockets.

She thrust the bag into my hands. "Hide it,'' she hissed.


A sharp sad pain, almost pleasurable, thrust into me.

An alligator head in profile juts up at the top, its darting red tongue thrusting out sideways.

Four fingers were thrust , gripping, through a gap between the planks of the door.

His bowler hat is pushed way back on his head; his hands are thrust into his jacket.

She thrust the customary tip towards the croupier with a slip of paper wrapped around a plaque.

She smiled for Riven though, and that smile was like a sword blade thrust in his chest.

The attacker now completes the turn and thrusts his right leg out towards his opponent.

II. noun




Yet the central thrust of what I was trying to say still strikes me as having some validity.

A central thrust of management will be to create excitement about the future of the company and about belonging to the company.

The central thrust of their criticism is that modern science is somehow incomplete.

My apologies for that, but the central thrust of the article stands.

It is important that we accept that the central thrust of the measure is about the offshore industry.


There is room for argument about precise figures, none about the general thrust of Sir Hector's briefing.

But its general thrust is clear.

The general thrust of policy guidelines seems to be to encourage a greater contribution from the voluntary sector.


The main thrust of the operation has not been internalised or understood.

This is currently the main thrust of new thinking about Bach.

Their main thrust is against motor vehicles.

The move away from project loans and towards structural adjustment loans in the 1980s does not diminish the main thrust of this argument.

The main thrust of Mr. Lester's submissions for the defendants has never previously been considered in the context of libel.

A series of attacks were launched in March, with the main thrust into the Manipur plain.

Yet union activists will read into the same policy review an endorsement of the main thrust of Conservative legislation.

This has as its main thrust the idea that regulation itself is subject to economic laws.


Moreover, the back limbs of such folds may become detached along major thrust faults to produce nappes.

To the extent that the plan reflected any kind of programmatic coherence, its major thrust was toward housing rehabilitation.

The major thrust of this recent research has been in four directions.

There is no doubt that Wounded Knee is a major Communist thrust ....

A major late north-north-west thrust episode has been identified, possibly associated with movements on the Boundary Slide in adjacent areas.

However, the most satisfactory response could only mean a major thrust coordinated at national level.

The improvement of our management of information should be the major thrust of our information services strategy for the next five years.


His whole thrust is to produce an easily understood bedrock upon which the specific nuances of particular organizations can be built.

The whole thrust of organized labor is to.. well, not socialism.


It is difficult to argue with the thrust of Davidson's analysis of the situation.

The new jet engines that will deliver more thrust at top speeds.

The overall thrust of her argument was that women are still oppressed in all areas of life.

With a thrust of its fins, the shark moved through the water.


Archibol was shoved backward from the thrust of her bosom.

But with the thrust coming from the back the body is nose-heavy and liable to dive downwards.

In the meantime there was no great political thrust for change, and in any case public expenditure restraints were tight.

Overall less thrust is produced in this situation as well.

The main thrust of Prism's work is a belief that creative work can foster equality, joy and empowerment.

These thrusts are an expression of compressive forces, which shorten the crust.

We have seen the mechanistic thrust of literacy discourse in the past five years.

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