Meaning of VOLUME in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ vɒlju:m ]

( volumes)

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


The volume of something is the amount of it that there is.

Senior officials will be discussing how the volume of sales might be reduced.

...the sheer volume of traffic and accidents.

N-COUNT : usu sing , usu N of n


The volume of an object is the amount of space that it contains or occupies.

When egg whites are beaten they can rise to seven or eight times their original volume.

N-COUNT : usu sing


A volume is a book. ( FORMAL )

...a 125-page volume.



A volume is one book in a series of books.

...the first volume of his autobiography.

N-COUNT : usu supp N


A volume is a collection of several issues of a magazine, for example all the issues for one year.

...bound volumes of the magazine.

N-COUNT : usu with supp


The volume of a radio, television, or sound system is the loudness of the sound it produces.

He turned down the volume...

He came to complain about the volume of the music.



If something such as an action speaks volumes about a person or thing, it gives you a lot of information about them.

What you wear speaks volumes about you...

PHRASE : V inflects , oft PHR about n

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