Meaning of VOLUME in English


Synonyms and related words :

abundance, accommodation, acreage, acres, aggregate, amount, amplitude, area, armful, article, back number, bagful, bags, barrelful, barrels, basketful, best seller, bigness, binful, body, book, bottleful, bound book, bowlful, breadth, bulk, burden, bushel, caliber, capacity, capful, caseful, chapter, classic, clause, collection, coloring book, column, content, continuum, copiousness, copy, cordage, countlessness, coverage, crescendo, definitive work, depth, diameter, dimension, dimensions, edition, emptiness, empty space, expanse, expansion, extension, extent, fascicle, field, flood, folio, fullness, galactic space, gauge, girth, great work, greatness, handful, hardback, height, impression, infinite space, installment, intensity, interstellar space, issue, juvenile, juvenile book, kettleful, lapful, largeness, length, library, library edition, limit, limp-cover book, livraison, load, loudishness, loudness, magnitude, magnum opus, mass, measure, measurement, mountain, mouthful, much, multitude, nonbook, notebook, nothingness, novel, number, numerousness, object, ocean, oceans, opus, opuscule, opusculum, outer space, paperback, paragraph, part, passage, peck, phrase, picture book, playbook, plenitude, plenty, pocket book, poundage, prayer book, printing, production, profusion, proportion, proportions, psalmbook, psalter, publication, quantities, quantity, radius, range, reach, room, scale, school edition, scope, sea, section, serial, series, set, size, sketchbook, soft-cover, songbook, sonority, sonorousness, space, spate, spatial extension, sphere, spread, standard work, storybook, stowage, sum total, superabundance, superficial extension, superfluity, supply, surface, surge, surge of sound, swell, swelling, title, tome, tonnage, tons, tract, trade book, trade edition, verse, void, width, work, world, worlds, writing

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .