Meaning of VOLUME in English


/ ˈvɒljuːm; NAmE ˈvɑːl-; -jəm/ noun


[ U , C ] the amount of space that an object or a substance fills; the amount of space that a container has :

How do you measure the volume of a gas?

jars of different volumes


[ U , C ] the amount of sth :

the sheer volume (= large amount) of business

This work has grown in volume recently.

New roads are being built to cope with the increased volume of traffic.

Sales volumes fell 0.2% in June.


[ U ] the amount of sound that is produced by a television, radio, etc. :

to turn the volume up / down


[ C ] ( abbr. vol. ) a book, that is part of a series of books :

an encyclopedia in 20 volumes


[ C ] ( formal ) a book :

a library of over 50 000 volumes

a slim volume of poetry


[ C ] ( abbr. vol. ) a series of different issues of the same magazine, especially all the issues for one year :

'New Scientist' volume 142, number 3


see speak



late Middle English (originally denoting a roll of parchment containing written matter): from Old French volum(e) , from Latin volumen , volumin- a roll, from volvere to roll. An obsolete meaning size or extent (of a book) gave rise to senses 1 and 2.

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