Meaning of VOLUME in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈvɔljum ]

n. 1 a a set of sheets of paper, usu. printed, bound together and forming part or the whole of a work or comprising several works (issued in three volumes; a library of 12,000 volumes). b hist. a scroll of papyrus etc., an ancient form of book. 2 a solid content, bulk. b the space occupied by a gas or liquid. c (foll. by of) an amount or quantity (large volume of business). 3 a quantity or power of sound. b fullness of tone. 4 (foll. by of) a a moving mass of water etc. b (usu. in pl.) a wreath or coil or rounded mass of smoke etc. øøvolumed adj. (also in comb.). [ME f. OF volum(e) f. L volumen -minis roll f. volvere to roll]

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