Meaning of CENTRAL in English


Frequency: The word is one of the 700 most common words in English.


Something that is ~ is in the middle of a place or area.

...Central America’s Caribbean coast...

...a rich woman living in ~ London.



The main cabin has its full-sized double bed ~ly placed with plenty of room around it.

ADV: ADV -ed, ADV after v


A place that is ~ is easy to reach because it is in the centre of a city, town, or particular area.

...a ~ location in the capital.



...this ~ly located hotel, situated on the banks of the Marne Canal.

ADV: ADV -ed, ADV after v


A ~ group or organization makes all the important decisions that are followed throughout a larger organization or a country.

There is a lack of trust towards the ~ government in Rome.

...the ~ committee of the Cuban communist party.



This is a ~ly planned economy.

ADV: ADV -ed, ADV after v


The ~ person or thing in a particular situation is the most important one.

Black dance music has been ~ to mainstream pop since the early ’60s.

...a ~ part of their culture.

ADJ: oft ADJ to n


The ~ity of the German economy to the welfare of Europe must be recognised.

N-UNCOUNT: usu N of n


In her memoirs Naomi is quick to acknowledge that her grandmother was ~ly important in her venture as a writer.

ADV: ADV with cl/group, ADV after v

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