Meaning of CENTRAL in English


cen ‧ tral S1 W1 /ˈsentrəl/ BrE AmE adjective

[ Word Family: noun : CENTRE/CENTER , ↑ centralization ≠ ↑ decentralization , ↑ centralism , ↑ centrist ; adjective : ↑ central , ↑ centralized ≠ ↑ decentralized , CENTRED/CENTERED , ↑ centrist ; verb : CENTRE/CENTER , ↑ centralize ≠ ↑ decentralize ; adverb : ↑ centrally ]

1 . MIDDLE [only before noun, no comparative] in the middle of an area or an object:

He lives in central London.

The roof is supported by a central column.

Central America/Asia/Europe etc

2 . FROM ONE PLACE [only before noun, no comparative] used about the part of an organization, system etc which controls the rest of it, or its work:

the party’s central office

the system’s central control unit

central planning

3 . IMPORTANT more important and having more influence than anything else

central to

values which are central to our society

Owen played a central role in the negotiations.

His ideas were of central importance in the development of the theory.

central idea/theme/concern etc

Education has become a central issue in public debate.

4 . EASY ACCESS a place that is central is easy to reach because it is near the middle of a town or area:

It’s very central, just five minutes’ walk from the main square.

—centrally adverb :

Our office is centrally situated.

All data is held centrally.

—centrality /senˈtræləti, senˈtrælɪti/ noun [uncountable]

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COLLOCATIONS (for Meaning 3)

■ nouns

▪ a central role/part

The report emphasizes the central role of science in society.

▪ a central issue

Education is a central issue for the government.

▪ a central theme

What would you say is the central theme of the book?

▪ a central figure (=an important person with a lot of influence)

During this time he was a central figure in American politics.

▪ a central feature

Cultural diversity is a central feature of modern British society.

▪ be of central importance

Loving care is of central importance to a child’s development.

▪ a central concern

Environmental problems are now a central concern.

▪ a central idea

This was a central idea in Marxist theory.

▪ a central argument (=the main set of reasons for or against something)

Let’s consider the central argument for reducing the voting age.

▪ a central aspect

The spread of ideas is a central aspect of globalization.

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