Meaning of CENTRAL in English




a central bank (= the main financial authority in a country )

The Bundesbank is the central bank of Germany.

a central feature (= an important feature )

Cultural diversity is a central feature of modern British society.

a central metaphor (= one that a poem or book is based around )

The poet as something carried by the ocean is a central metaphor in the book.

a key/central role

The report recognized the key role of teachers.

a key/central/important concept

The title tells you something about the central concept of the poem.

central bank

central casting

Wearing black shoes and a pinstripe suit, he looked like central casting’s idea of the perfect civil servant.

central government

central heating

the central heating boiler

central locking

central nervous system

central processing unit

central reservation

central/basic/fundamental etc tenet

one of the basic tenets of democracy

central/fundamental importance

The central importance of interest rates is widely recognized.

central/national government (= that deals with national rather than local things )

Funding will continue to be available from central government for further education for adults.

coastal/border/central etc region

Flooding is likely in some coastal regions of the Northeast during the early part of the week.

main/chief/central etc preoccupation

Their main preoccupation was how to feed their families.

sb's central concern

Our organization's central concern is to help people at all levels of society.

the central dilemma (= the main one )

The Prime Minister's central dilemma was whether war was justified.

the central focus (= most important )

The film’s central focus is the relationship between the two women.

the main/central/dominant theme

The main theme of the book is the importance of honesty.

the main/central/leading character

Alec is the central character in the play.




Residents in the central area would get a 90 % discount.

This central area was the scene of three great changes, one after another.

Urban growth is often reflected morphologically by the appearance of a distinctive central area .

He went down the corridor that led off the central area .

The central area is volcanic in origin.

So far, northern and central areas , gripped by unusually cold weather since autumn, have been worst hit.

The city has few modern buildings in the central area which do not conform to the height or style of their surroundings.


But the deeper imprint of the central authority , and the harsher side to its reformist zeal, left scars.

The problem is made worse by the lack of a central authority for water management.

It also inherited the Roman virtue of sound organization, based on a powerful central authority , and preserved by strict legalism.

There is often a lack of real coordination between area or central authorities and individual service points.

Only a strong central authority could guarantee internal peace and economic stability.

The central authorities were instructed to send 100 million roubles to pay the railwaymen.

There was little chance to look towards democracy or any political liberalisation, moreover, while the party remained the central authority .


The legislation transformed it into a new central bank and introduced a new tier of commercial banks and other lending institutions.

The central bank yesterday said current interest rate settings are consistent with the pace of growth and prospects for inflation.

Frequent sales from central banks over the past few years have barely eaten into stocks.

The central bank shaved its benchmark repo rate by 0. 25 percentage point to 8. 75 percent.

But it would signal a policy shift by the central bank that could crimp the economy severely later on.


The job of central bankers would be easier if governments trimmed their budget deficits as soon as recovery was under way.

Secondly, central bankers , like other human beings, can take the wrong decisions.

Yet, with all due respect, are there not too many central bankers stalking the globe?

While some pundits denounce them, I believe they play a useful role, keeping politicians and central bankers honest.

Seldom has a central banker looked more secure in his war against marauding politicians.

Volcker may have had exalted credentials as a central banker , but he was not deemed politically safe enough by Ronald Reagan.


The problem is the presence of Depardieu as the central character , Valjean.

Donna Barbara had a woman as central character .

The central character presents the case for Mackay's individualist anarchism.

You are the storyteller, which makes you a central character in each story.

Players see the games through the point of view of a central character , giving them a three-dimensional look.

Prusiner, by the way, is the one central character in the prion saga whom Rhodes was unable to interview.


Other central committee members urged the party to speed up its own reform and to anticipate the changes happening in the country.

The central committee of Tehiya voted to leave the coalition government.

A joint central committee and joint congresses endeavoured to secure some co-ordination.

He was apparently replaced by Ros Chhun, a party central committee member who was close to Chea Sim.

Secret tapes of Stalin's conversations were played to the central committee .

The central committee ideology department accused Kharchev of unnecessary interference in the internal affairs of churches and of financial indiscipline.

For example, we see individual universities establishing their own central committee for overseeing academic standards across all disciplines.

He held the post of special adviser to the Communist party central committee , and appeared at ceremonial occasions.


This will be a central concern of Chapter 5.

The individual was his central concern .

The central concerns of the kinship school hardly need restating.

Modules could then be directed at issues which teachers themselves see as of central concern .

The central concern for all these groups is with what they perceive to be declining moral standards.

The relationship between syntactic and semantic processing has been a central concern of psycholinguistics for the last two decades.

Readers will find a central concern about the factors that influence social welfare a characteristic of many writings on social policy.

The subconscious having become a central concern of the age, a host of artists took the elemental self as their subject.


The most remarkable extension of central control has been in the field of local government.

For most of the industrial revolution, serious wealth was made by bringing processes under central control .

The communications and information revolution has permitted progressively greater central control over their financial affairs.

Apparent Disadvantages of Swarm Systems NonoptimalBecause they are redundant and have no central control , swarm systems are inefficient.

First under the poll tax and now under the council tax, central control has replaced local democracy in determining spending.

The first application to use the services is Tivoli/FSM, which manages Unix client-server file sharing mechanisms from a central control point.

Find the central control and one might just find the Volvo.

They evidently prefer strict discipline and central control to fair competition.


But key central defender Alan McDonald is out after being released from hospital with bruised kidneys.

He is following in his father's footsteps as a central defender .

The 24-year-old central defender will miss a promotion run-in and a breakthrough on the international scene.

And as for selling Newsome/Wetherall ... tell me, who is going to be the next generation of central defenders ?

The 24-year-old central defender was carried off at Tranmere Rovers on Friday night when his knee locked.

Having had a jinxed left back position it looks like we now have a jinxed central defender position!

There is no other recognised central defender at Ayresome Park to partner Nicky Mohan.


Predominantly affecting young women, the central feature of this disorder is an abnormally low weight achieved by extreme caloric restriction.

Hospital care remained a central feature of provision but its role was changed.

The marketing mix is a central feature of an organization's tactical plan for a particular market.

A central feature is the attempt to elicit the degree of identification of a community.

One of the central features of the company is that it separates out the functions of ownership and management.

Indeed, in large measures, that could be identified as a central feature of Mr Major's ministerial career.

Other factors, such as access via doorways or accommodation of central features , also had to be taken into account.

Some central features of narrative construction were studied, including the gradual embellishment of stories and their emotional content.


He was Man-of-the-match in the All Ireland club final, a central figure in Sarsfield's historic victory.

A stele from Beaune museum shows him as the three-headed central figure of a triad of naked seated gods.

First, you should get it clear in your mind just what the private-eye who is the central figure is.

Ann Black, the central figure in State and Main, is, however, classic Mamet.

He had married one of the daughters of Sir John Conyers, the central figure of the Middleham connection.

For example, the two central figures are Paul, the brother, and Lise, the sister.

The King was a central figure in the ritual of the church.

Yet these women, particularly Mary Magdalene, are central figures in all four Gospel accounts of the Resurrection.


This is the composite word on the triangle which is the central focus of every Royal Arch chapter.

It will provide a comprehensive district-wide service for the first time, and act as a central focus for the community.

The central focus is the development of leisure interests during adolescence and the theoretical framework draws upon recent work in social cognition.

The central focus of the analysis is therefore on developments in, and changes in the interrelationships between, sport and medicine.

Authority is the central focus of hierarchy, which is the chief coordinating mechanism of work organizations.

Next Time A central focus of the next issues will be on communicating research.

Rather, the central focus of the magic is the weather-vane on top of the Great Tower.

The central focus of all this railway activity was, however, the railway station.


At the same Lime local government is responsible for implementing central government policy and hence we may find mutual dependency between organisations.

Social security, for example, is the responsibility of central government but housing benefit is handled through local authorities.

The programme of education reforms currently being introduced by central government requires schools simultaneously to introduce several major innovations.

A series of uniform regulations would be promulgated to allow the central government to exert overall budget control.

Teachers, parents, central government .

This total would be cut by half if they transferred their educational budgets to central government .

I dare say that my hon. Friend's constituents complain about their district council, county council and central Government .


It includes master bedroom with ensuite shower room, three further bedrooms, second bathroom, gas central heating , double garage.

In flats with central heating , rent includes the cost of heating and is about £2.50 per week higher.

Let's leap from the television to the central heating .

Archway House benefits from sealed unit double glazed windows and Gas fired central heating throughout.

If installing new central heating , fit an energy-efficient gas-condensing boiler.

A little house with two bedrooms and no form of central heating .

They'd be on to central heating systems next.

It comes complete with full gas central heating , double glazing, a fully fitted kitchen and integral garage.


Certainly there is a variety of ways in which the central idea of conspiracy is expressed.

That is one of its central ideas and one of the reasons for its worldwide success.

Yet it s a one-joke play that teases out its central idea to the point of nervous exhaustion.

It should be sufficient to state the central idea verbally and to indicate the connection to dynamical systems theory.

Pelling's central idea is that the value of this concept is variable and its use needs care.

The reader will soon discover that I think very little of certain of the central ideas of economics.

Look and listen for the central ideas .

The central idea , on the other hand, was simple, beautiful, and profound.


The novel finding, of central importance here, comes from the behaviour shown by a third group of subjects.

Of central importance are recent demographic shifts in the pool from which colleges must pick their first-year classes.

But Shakespeare's central importance within Renaissance writing was not a contemporary phenomenon, rather the result of later critical judgements.

The State, albeit in an anti-metaphysical sense, was thus viewed as being of central importance .

The role of large aggregations of individuals for appreciable periods is probably of central importance here.

The emphasis on the craft of writing is of central importance in the recommendations of my National Curriculum Working Group.

It is already clear, however, that the notion of acquired distinctiveness is of central importance in discussions of perceptual learning.

These developments in cost-accounting are likely to be of central importance in resource-allocation decisions for the foreseeable future.


It never seems to have been a central issue .

In Wisconsin and Michigan the future of state education is a central issue .

The central issue facing the Labour Party is how to regain power.

As in my other books, I have used interviews with individuals to explore and illustrate the central issues .

I can tackle the central issue , head on.

The central issues were nowhere near ready for com promise.

We here came to a central issue in all our discussions.

Balancing the budget is important, but it is not the central issue .


They believed that the real power base lay outside the centres in the social services central offices .

Many were calling the central office to complain.

Members of the society were sending 100,000 enquiries a year to its central office about credit worthiness.

Administrators in school district central offices manage public schools under their jurisdiction.

I read - I do not know whether it came from the Department of Energy or from Conservative central office .

Some principals and central office administrators have a doctorate or specialized degree in education administration.

Multiples Multiples are organisations with ten or more shops controlled from a central office .

In December, the Kohl government said it was setting up a central office to coordinate federal and state efforts against Scientology.


Most also embrace economic development and education for work as a central part of their missions.

A central part of our view of individual agents is our conviction that there is an explanatory link between belief and action.

At any rate, the Horton demonization haunted Atwater enough to become a central part of his deathbed apologies.

The buses and taxis I determined to avoid became a central part of nearly every painting.

Yet today, school-to-work is rarely thought of as a central part of the school-reform movement.

Of course he had some other assets, but the collapse of the central part of his fortune did not make for buoyancy.

They are carrying out one of the central parts of their educational experience at CPESSthe community / school service requirement.


Another central plank in this revisionist argument was that there was no such thing as the popular will.

The central plank of the new policy was rural development.

Wilson had made National Self-Determination the central plank of his 1916 election campaign for a second term in office.

The plan was the central plank of the Government's strategy to save 18,500 post offices around Britain.


The imaginary central point in the sail through which the power of the sail acts.

The central point in this context is, however, the role of subjective risk in the two theories.

The central point is the village square and harbour, and there is also a very pleasant lakeside promenade.

It could make that the central point of its election manifesto if it is so profoundly excited by it.

The electricity industry has an extra desire: to switch consumers' equipment on and off from a central point .

Windows that pivot from a central point are frequently fitted in modern flats for ease of cleaning.

This was their central point and they found evidence to support it which has stood the test of time.


All this reinforces custody in a central position .

The Anatom has a removable orthopaedic footbed which locates the foot firmly in a central position .

You take your map in your hand and try to find the most central position - the town hall or post office.

From its central position perched high on the cliffs, it offers a breathtaking view across the Bay of Naples.

With adjustment, the essential feature was the fixed but adjustable exchange rate structure in which the dollar held a central position .

Often the squares are placed in a central position and enclose a figured medallion.


Clarke had a passionate interest in calculating the figure of the Earth, another central problem for an accurate topographical survey.

Yet, although attitudes changed, the central problem remained.

The central problem was that the chronically unemployed could not be covered by insurance.

These two central problems associated with nuclear power can be ignored only at our peril.

The central problem for the government was the central element in its case - the Thomas Leavy birth certificate.

The three central problems are energy, mineral resources, and food.

We can see that Bukharin had put his finger upon a central problem .

One of the central problems confronting any discussion of a text for the play is which version should be used.


These are still the central questions , more than ten years after the Great Debate.

The central question in the case was whether Burroughs could assert a patent claim before it knew whether the drug worked.

The central question asked is why certain land-uses take place.

That was the central question of a conference last weekend in Monterey.

The central question , however, is: what does it feel like to be a humanities student?

In any psychotherapy program, a central question , or set of questions, is being asked.


It is around 7700 light-years away, with a central region about 25 light-years in diameter.

Indeed, there are no taste buds in this central region .

The image of the insect may pass over the edge of my retina rather than the more acute central region .

The family comes from the central region of Annam, I believe.

In many cases the headquarters were retained in the central region and only the production processes were decentralized.

Do not completely cover the tank bottom with mops, just place a few in the central region of the tank.

In the process, population and economic pressures could be relieved from the heavily developed central region .

The study specifically examined the chemical and energy industries in the central region around Leipzig, Halle and Bitterfeld.


Central reservation systems Large groups of hotels which are linked by computer usually operate their own central reservation system.

The 800 number led directly to central reservations -- normally a toll call.

Bands appear in the streets, and folklore groups are dancing and singing in the central reservations and gardens of Funchal.

In the case of a crossing split into two crossings by a central reservation each crossing should be classed as separate crossings.

Mr Clarke said he assumed it had done a U-turn across the central reservation .

She hid in bushes while the fiend ran to the central reservation before losing sight of her and driving off.

Until recently the central reservation had deteriorated into use as a car-park.

How does the central reservations system operate? 10.


Banks play a central role as consultants, advisers and agents in acquisition situations.

Magic plays a central role in Magic City.

Because of their involvement and understanding, engineers have a central role in the control of risk.

One was Alan Hayling, who was later to play a central role in the story of News on Sunday.

The state according to Castells's perspective, had the central role of ensuring a healthy capitalist economy.


However, his own plans rely on strengthening the central system .

It has no officer corps and has never developed a uniform central system of recruitment and management.

Thus: surprise can not tell us about the development of the central systems .

The updated file can then be copied back to the central system , by modem and telephone if necessary.

What I have been referring to vaguely as the knowledge system , Fodor calls the central systems.

Data is stored in the central system , where specialist software looks after billing.

It is our intention to provide a high level service for planning work using the central system .

Those responsible for contributory benefits are concerned with the paying out of amounts determined by a largely computerized central system .


Equally, revisionist conclusions conflict with many of the central tenets of Soviet orthodoxy.

Thus the vast age of the Earth became the central tenet of geology.

In this respect Hirschi shared the long-standing positivist rejection of the central tenet of classicism: deterrence.

This was a central tenet of the bureaucratic model.

This particular view has become one of the central tenets of the present Conservative government's economic policy.

Some of the central tenets of these belief systems are as follows: 1.


If Alexander has a central theme , it is devolution.

Many scholars agree that a concern for salvation is a central theme in Orphism.

Firstly, a workshop must have a central theme .

Their story echoes the central themes in Part 1 of this book:-Principles.

It is a central theme throughout the book, and she criticises frequently the Catholic beliefs and customs.

Fforde acknowledges that all this appears to invalidate the central theme of his book.


central London

a house with central heating

Crime is going to be the central issue of the mayoral campaign.

Political rights have always been the central concern of feminism.

The central part of the building tends to be warmer in the winter.

The central theme of this novel is the desire for money.

The computers are linked to a central database.

the farming areas of central California

The houses face onto a central courtyard.

The right to vote is central to our democratic system of government.

the tropical rainforest in central Africa

The use of weapons became the central issue dividing the tribes.

Wingo is the troubled central character of Conroy's novel.


But this lofty and detached comment misses the central issues of comparison and equality in penal treatment.

Centrophenoxine had the strongest biological activity, producing a mild stimulation of the central nervous system.

Obviously, if a party changes its central principles, it becomes another party.

On the contrary, it involves a recognition of its central mediating role in the use and learning of language.

The central dogma is of course a theory, but there is no evidence to suggest that it is wrong.

This review examines the evidence that abnormal oxidative metabolism is of central importance to active inflammatory bowel disease.

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