Meaning of CENTRAL in English


[cen.tral] adj [L centralis, fr. centrum center] (1647) 1: containing or constituting a center

2: of cardinal importance: essential, principal "the ~ character of the novel" 3 a: situated at, in, or near the center b: easily accessible from outlying districts "a ~ location for the new theater"

4. a: centrally placed and superseding separate scattered units "~ heating" b: controlling or directing local or branch activities "the ~ committee"

5: holding to a middle between extremes: moderate

6: of, relating to, or comprising the brain and spinal cord; also: originating within the central nervous system "~ deafness" -- adv

[2]central n (1889) 1: a telephone exchange or operator

2: a central office or bureau usu. controlling others "weather ~"

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