Meaning of CIRCLE in English

(~s, circling, ~d)

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


A ~ is a shape consisting of a curved line completely surrounding an area. Every part of the line is the same distance from the centre of the area.

The flag was red, with a large white ~ in the center...

I wrote down the number 46 and drew a ~ around it.

= ring



A ~ of something is a round flat piece or area of it.

Cut out 4 ~s of pastry.

...a ~ of yellow light.

= ring

N-COUNT: usu N of n


A ~ of objects or people is a group of them arranged in the shape of a ~.

The monument consists of a ~ of gigantic stones...

We stood in a ~ holding hands.

= ring

N-COUNT: oft N of n


If something ~s an object or a place, or ~s around it, it forms a ~ around it.

This is the ring road that ~s the city.

...the long curving driveway that ~d around the vast clipped lawn.

= en~

VERB: V n, V around/round n


If an aircraft or a bird ~s or ~s something, it moves round in a ~ in the air.

The plane ~d, awaiting permission to land...

There were two helicopters circling around. a hawk circling prey.

VERB: V, V adv/prep, V n


To ~ around someone or something, or to ~ them, means to move around them.

Emily kept circling around her mother...

The silent wolves would track and ~ them.

VERB: V around/round n, V n


If you ~ something on a piece of paper, you draw a ~ around it.

Circle the correct answers on the coupon below.

= ring



You can refer to a group of people as a ~ when they meet each other regularly because they are friends or because they belong to the same profession or share the same interests.

He has a small ~ of friends...

Alton has made himself fiercely unpopular in certain ~s.

N-COUNT: with supp


In a theatre or cinema, the ~ is an area of seats on the upper floor.

N-SING: the N


see also Arctic Circle , dress ~ , inner ~ , vicious ~ , virtuous ~


If you say that you have come full ~ or have turned full ~, you mean that after a long series of events or changes the same situation that you started with still exists.

We’ve come full ~ and dark-blue jeans are once again the height of style.

PHRASE: V inflects

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