Meaning of CIRCLE in English


/ ˈsɜːkl; NAmE ˈsɜːrkl/ noun , verb

■ noun


a completely round flat shape :

Cut out two circles of paper.

—picture at conic section

—see also semicircle


the line that forms the edge of a circle :

Draw a circle.

She walked the horse round in a circle .

—see also Antarctic Circle , Arctic Circle , turning circle


a thing or a group of people or things shaped like a circle :

a circle of trees / chairs

The children stood in a circle.

—see also corn circle , crop circle


( BrE ) (also bal·cony NAmE , BrE ) an upper floor of a theatre or cinema / movie theater where the seats are arranged in curved rows :

We had seats in the circle.

—see also dress circle


a group of people who are connected because they have the same interests, jobs, etc. :

the family circle

She's well known in theatrical circles.

a large circle of friends

—see also charmed circle , inner circle , vicious circle


- come, turn, etc. full circle

- go round in circles

- run round in circles

■ verb


circle (around) (above / over sb/sth) to move in a circle, especially in the air :

[ v ]

Seagulls circled around above his head.

[ vn ]

The plane circled the airport to burn up excess fuel.


[ vn ] to draw a circle around sth :

Spelling mistakes are circled in red ink.



Old English , from Old French cercle , from Latin circulus small ring, diminutive of circus ring.

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