Meaning of FOUNDATION in English



Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.


The ~ of something such as a belief or way of life is the things on which it is based.

The issue strikes at the very ~ of our community...

This laid the ~s for later modern economic growth.

N-COUNT: usu the N of/for n

If an event shakes the ~s of a society or a system of beliefs, it causes great uncertainty and makes people question their most deeply held beliefs.

The destruction of war and the death of millions of young people shook the ~s of Western idealism...

PHRASE: V inflects


The ~s of a building or other structure are the layer of bricks or concrete below the ground that it is built on.



A ~ is an organization which provides money for a special purpose such as research or charity.

...the National Foundation for Educational Research.



If a story, idea, or argument has no ~, there are no facts to prove that it is true.

The allegations were without ~...

Each complaint is analysed very closely, and if it has no ~ it is rejected.

N-UNCOUNT: with brd-neg


Foundation is a skin-coloured cream that you put on your face before putting on the rest of your make-up.



see also found

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