Meaning of FOUNDATION in English


/ faʊnˈdeɪʃn; NAmE / noun


[ C , usually pl. ] a layer of bricks, concrete, etc. that forms the solid underground base of a building :

The builders are now beginning to lay the foundations of the new school.

The explosion shook the foundations of the houses nearby.

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[ C , U ] a principle, an idea or a fact that sth is based on and that it grows from :

Respect and friendship provide a solid foundation for marriage.

The rumour is totally without foundation (= not based on any facts) .

These stories have no foundation (= are not based on any facts) .

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[ C ] an organization that is established to provide money for a particular purpose, for example for scientific research or charity :

The money will go to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.


[ U ] the act of starting a new institution or organization

SYN establishment :

The organization has grown enormously since its foundation in 1955.


[ U ] a skin-coloured cream that is put on the face underneath other make-up


- shake / rock the foundations of sth | shake / rock sth to its foundations



late Middle English : from Old French fondation , from Latin fundatio(n-) , from fundare to lay a base for, from fundus bottom, base.

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