Meaning of FOUNDATION in English




a foundation course British English (= a general course that students do in the first year at some universities )

foundation course

foundation stone

Greek and Latin were once viewed as the foundation stones of a good education.

laid the foundations of

It was an invention which laid the foundations of modern radio technology.

rocked the foundations

The theory rocked the foundations of social and moral life.

solid foundation

The first two years provide a solid foundation in the basics of computing.




The remote origins of Emanuel School lay in the sixteenth century and a small charitable foundation for the elderly and the young.

She was now executive director of a large charitable foundation .

Jay was amused by her go-getting energy, especially when Lucy had done battle with yet another charitable trust or foundation .

The Halls are appealing to charitable foundations , businesses, corporations and local people for further support.

After his death in 1998, the money continued to flow from Botnar's estate and charitable foundations .

Charity commissioners admit they have been in lengthy discussions with Jansen's solicitors about her position with the charitable foundation .

These submerged classes survived on the charitable foundations of the past: Madrid convents provided 30,000 bowls of soup daily.

When government cash was withdrawn they applied to several charitable foundations for funding.


No building can stand without firm foundations , and neither can a marriage.

Particularist feeling in the duchy of Aosta was hallowed by centuries of tradition and grounded in a firm foundation of local institutions.

Then new gravel is laid directly on top - the old gravel will form a firm foundation .

In fact, the learning rule can be given a firmer foundation .

Therefore, the soil has to be removed down to firm ground, and a firm foundation prepared for the side walls.

These are the firm foundations of economic recovery.

Or concrete can be used as a firm foundation for a more decorative finish later.

We will also continue to support the recruitment and development of trainees to provide a firm foundation for our future development.


It is still the best foundation at postgraduate level.

You may be dreaming of barbecues and planter boxes, but even a backyard deck starts with a good foundation .

Anything's only as good as the foundation it's built on.

The first step toward a good foundation is a concrete footing.

It is keen to point out that solid, secure savings are the best foundation for any portfolio.

For sound adobe construction, three elements are crucial: good dirt, good foundation and patience.

It will continue all through marriage as long as it has a good foundation of friendship.

The idea behind the Homestead Act was that a nation of small, independent farmers would make the best foundation for democracy.


No more universities would be created, either as new foundations or as promotions from the public sector.

Such are the preliminary skirmishes of all new foundations .

Hagnon called his new foundation Amphipolis, the City Surrounded, from its strong position in a loop of the Strymon.

The new foundation is registered with the state as a tax-exempt religious corporation instead of a nonprofit organization for public benefit.

This time it is clear that the new foundation was to the Viscount's detriment and was expected to anger him.

Underpinning is expensive and inconvenient, and involves the addition of new foundations or short concrete piles without demolishing the building.

Remember, it is very important to try a new foundation on your jawline in daylight.


Gardens, run by a nonprofit foundation .

At issue in the Gingrich case is a college course he taught in 1993-95 with financial support from a nonprofit foundation .

Richard had a secretarial job at a nonprofit theater-development foundation .

Linn responded by donating the Prolinn name to a nonprofit foundation and publishing the formula.

The investigation focused on a college course Gingrich taught with financial support from nonprofit foundations .

His plan is to establish a nonprofit foundation that would support this kind of community service in exchange for long-term psychotherapy.


Does the private cultural foundation cover the running costs of the museum for the next ten years?

He advocates forming private foundations and approaching agricultural and manufacturing businesses to help bridge the gap in state financing.

Among these sources are grants or aid from state and federal governments, private foundations , and various voluntary health agencies.


They dug solid foundations , spending a lot of time pouring concrete into four pits.

Local autonomy thus rested upon a solid foundation .

Decayed, warped and neglected, it stood proudly on its solid foundations , displaying a still sturdy brick frame.

Much like any brick or block wall, an interlocking block wall needs a solid foundation .

At the end of the first week you will have a solid foundation on which to build in future weeks.

They had a solid foundation in reading, writing, math, and other core skills.

The solid financial foundations required by a modern state had not been laid by 1603.

Such a person lived and, in a sense floated on the air, without a solid foundation .


The unfortunate result - a general bitterness towards nations of a stronger foundation .

Building a first world economy on top of a massive third world workforce does not create the strongest of economic foundations .

Knowing the subject talked about knowing the context using language sense, anticipation and aural memory are strong foundations for speechreading skills.

Water extraction from ice-free rocks may seem a bit strange, but it has a strong foundation in our study of meteorites.

The launch of the Equipment range at the end of the last year established a strong foundation on which to build.

The great success of our air campaign flowed from a strong quality foundation , shaped on those three basic points.


Before we consider each of these offences in outline, let us examine the practical and theoretical foundations for them.

Moreover, as Patinkin has shown, its theoretical foundations are questionable.

Computer Science has emerged as a well-defined discipline with a solid theoretical foundation .

The theoretical foundations for a currency union among independent nation-states are not strong prima facie.


Can prizes be awarded without compromising the very foundation on which National Certificate assessment is built?

A bold idea which strikes at the very foundation of White's edifice.

The political structures were torn apart until the very foundations were rocked.

This means that one basic source of human doubt is located within the very foundation structures of knowledge itself.

As I watched the fire at Windsor Castle it seemed as if the very foundations of our family were crumbling.

Thus the very foundations of our communication culture and its structures need re-examination.

The book is read so easily because it is almost devoid of mathematical formulae, normally the very foundation of engineering work.

It is to save them the need to refer to the very foundations of morality and practical reasoning generally in every case.



So doing the foundation course here gives me the chance to get a place at a Czech University.

Mike completed a foundation course in Leeds before moving to Edinburgh in 1982, to study photography at Napier.

Most students usually have to complete a one-year foundation course first.

She moved on to do a degree without doing A-levels as the foundation course was a university Access course.

The foundation courses of a fourth furnace were discovered in the south-west corner of the workshop.

Suzanne, 18, will be starting an art foundation course at Middlesex University this month.

Foundation-level basic skills or university Access / foundation courses are generally free.

The Open University has a unique combination of foundation courses followed by a modular course structure.


Examples with stone foundations are also known at Bourton-on-the-Water and Ashton, the latter with unusual upright limestone slabs.

The tarpaper walls and sagging, roof and stone foundation .

The other two had pitched stone foundations , more normal for the area.


The position of the other foundation subjects , however, is less clear at present.

Reporting on the progress of five-year-olds in foundation subjects such as history and geography in a meaningful way taxes most teachers.

The proposal is intended to allow students access to understanding business more fully through core and foundation subjects .



It seemed to me he never appreciated what a mess the Soviet Union was and based on what rotten foundations .

He argued that Realism is based on three foundation stones, all to be found in the writings of Machiavelli.

Our understanding of the world and our place in it is based upon the foundation of language.

The chapter showed that these theories are based on microeconomic foundations .


Both were necessary, he said, in order to build the foundation for an improvement in the standard of living.

And it was built on a foundation of deception.

One needs to build upon the foundations of cost-accounting, not escape from it.

Others purchase sites, and a few have even built small homes on foundations .

We're going to build on those foundations .

This allows his bandmates the freedom to punctuate and build on his foundation at will.

Specific issues can provide initial meeting places, and open up communication, but that communication must build institutional foundations .

It is the place where we can lay the foundation upon which democracy is built .


It can establish certain foundations , give pupils some strategy by means of which to proceed.

In 1930 he established a second foundation dedicated to the welfare of children.

There are approximately 5,000 such schools, virtually all of which were established by religious foundations .

His plan is to establish a nonprofit foundation that would support this kind of community service in exchange for long-term psychotherapy.

Shewhart was among the first to establish a scientific foundation for quality control and techniques for monitoring production process efficiency.


Then new gravel is laid directly on top - the old gravel will form a firm foundation .

He advocates forming private foundations and approaching agricultural and manufacturing businesses to help bridge the gap in state financing.

On these pages we review some of the recent commercial successes which combine to form the foundation of our new business.

The distributed mass of ricocheting impulses which form the foundation of intelligence forbid deterministic results for a given starting point.

These policies are constantly reviewed, communicated to all employees and form a firm foundation for our worldwide operations.

National infectious disease surveillance systems form the foundation of our ability to know and track the routine.

This transfer of wealth forms the foundation for the other aspects we discuss here.


It laid the foundation for an organisation with greater appeal to the deaf themselves, particularly the young.

For Buckle, this laid the foundations for a thoroughgoing science of history, and others shared his belief.

Some elements lay the foundation on which other elements may convey a message.

To generate fundamental knowledge that can lay the foundation for future advances in high-performance computing and communications.

Progress in primary schools has laid the foundations for the drive to raise standards in secondary schools, announced last month.

While incomplete, the steps that were taken laid the foundation for Workplace 2000.

His papers on the Imagination lay philosophical foundations before fastening on literature specifically.

If I can lay the foundation , other hands can do the work of restoration itself.


The try was the signal for Neath's pack to take control and lay the foundations for victory.

It does little more than lay a foundation of principles.

Some elements lay the foundation on which other elements may convey a message.

They lay foundations to introduce evidence.

His papers on the Imagination lay philosophical foundations before fastening on literature specifically.

Today's exercises are repeated to the maximum number of counts and lay the foundation for your Maintenance Programme.

This was the reasoning which lay behind the foundation of the Zollverein in 1834.


These arguments provide the foundation for Simmel's account of the contradictory nature of modern life.

Yet throughout it all, the tomographic maps provided the foundation on which these other discoveries were raised.

This provides a solid foundation for their marriage, which contributes to the comparatively low divorce rate in the religious community.

It provides a foundation on which future academic study and vocational training can be built.

Consequently, they had to drop concrete piles 8 metres into the soil to provide a foundation .

A tribunal is master of its own procedure, and this provides the foundation from which it can permit such representation.

Good relationships and good communications will provide the best foundation for making the right decisions for the school.

Knowing that one can do the job provides an excellent foundation .


Hauled more rocks for west foundation wall.


More frequently, reproduction is set up as the foundation of feminine psychology.

Economic stability has been restored, setting the foundation for sustainable growth. 2.

He subsequently decided to do penance for the deed, and set off to his foundation at Agaune.

What we learn in elementary school sets the foundation for a life of learning.

The lecture provides a guide to the subject-matter and sets out the foundations on which the student must build.

The subject was set upon firm foundations around 1930 by Emmy Noether and van der Waerden using an abstract algebraic approach.


Came like a sudden gust of wind, banging doors in him, shaking him to his foundations .

The money economy shook the foundations of a society composed mainly of lords and peasants.

The thunder seemed to shake the foundations of the building.

Yet even as the competition fades into the history books, something also seems to be shaking the foundations of capitalism.


lay the foundations/groundwork/base

Because Save the Children want to lay the foundations for a better future.

He laid the foundations by cutting one percent off interest rates, scrapping special car tax, and boosting the housing industry.

He said he hoped they had laid the foundations for peace - but admitted obstacles could lie ahead.

One of my officials chairs the experts committee that laid the groundwork for this achievement.

Progress in primary schools has laid the foundations for the drive to raise standards in secondary schools, announced last month.

The defense Monday seemed to lay the groundwork for an argument about damages.

Then the elite persuaded the newly elected mayor to appoint a committee to lay the groundwork for redevelopment.

Will took advantage of this opportunity to lay the groundwork for his epitaph.


After the earthquake, I noticed several cracks in the foundation of the house.

Copernicus's findings laid the foundations for the later work of Galileo.

Good eating habits and regular exercise are the foundation for a healthy life.

Teaching experience is a good foundation for a career in just about anything.

The Heritage Foundation is a conservative political research organization.

the National Foundation for the Arts


According to Wegener, the sial masses of the continents shifted on the earth's actual mantle, the sima foundation .

More than 600 people were evacuated from their homes in Norfolk and eight bungalows collapsed after the sea washed away their foundations.

The foundation funded a dozen new career centers in high schools, where students could come for career guidance and counseling.

The foundation in Madrid is going to manage that one too.

The fears of earlier critics were not without foundation .

They clearly adore the multi-layered foundations of instrumental funk, and profoundly project this soulful hipster-cool attitude on All Night Burner.

Usually two main types are used - strip foundations and raft foundations.

We cut it to four and those four are still our major selling products and the foundation of our business.

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