Meaning of SMEAR in English


(~s, ~ing, ~ed)


If you ~ a surface with an oily or sticky substance or ~ the substance onto the surface, you spread a layer of the substance over the surface.

My sister ~ed herself with suntan oil and slept by the swimming pool...

Smear a little olive oil over the inside of the salad bowl.

VERB: V n with n, V n prep


A ~ is a dirty or oily mark.

There was a ~ of gravy on his chin.

N-COUNT: oft N of n


To ~ someone means to spread unpleasant and untrue rumours or accusations about them in order to damage their reputation. (JOURNALISM) attempt to ~ the director-general of the BBC.



A ~ is an unpleasant and untrue rumour or accusation that is intended to damage someone’s reputation. (JOURNALISM)

He puts all the accusations down to a ~ campaign by his political opponents.

= slur

N-COUNT: oft N n


A ~ or a ~ test is a medical test in which a few cells are taken from a woman’s cervix and examined to see if any cancer cells are present. (BRIT; in AM, use pap ~ , pap test )


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