Meaning of SMEAR in English


I. noun


a smear campaign (= in which unpleasant or untrue stories are spread about an important person )

He claims he was the victim of a smear campaign.

cervical smear

Pap smear

smear campaign

smear test




Still to come on the programme Inverclyde hospital to adopt key changes to cervical smear tests.


To be recalled for a second Pap smear is to catch the disease of fear.

The Pap smear is officially called the Papanicolaou Test, after the doctor who invented it.

Thompson advocates Pap smears for women.

Thompson said the Pap smear only detects cervical cancer; it does not detect ovarian cancer or endometrial cancer.

A woman should begin having Pap smears as soon as she is sexually active, Thompson said.

How often should a woman have a Pap smear ? &038;.

The Pap smear means the cancer can be treated at its earliest, and most curable, stages.


There were paint smears visible on the doorknob.


A slightly sinister element is that neither side is producing its smears.

At what age should a woman begin having an annual Pap smear ? &.

He looked at the thin smear of my blood on his palm, and wrapped a small black towel around my hand.

I slid off the seat, keeping my eyes down, expecting to see a smear of red blood on the chair.

Just a smear of protoplasm, another speck on the biological scrap heap.

The hideous blood smear on the window was a running crimson blur in the rain.

There was a bright moon and on looking closer I saw a dark smear coming from his mouth.

Wasn't there a dark smear on the doorknob of the long room?

II. verb




They had an impression of very red cheeks and moist yellow hair smeared over the scalp like egg yolk.

Her make up was smeared over her face and her hair was a mass of tangles.

This should be smeared over all unpolished areas as well, to give extra protection against future infestation.

The sauce from Mr Bishop's tomato ketchup bottles had been emptied out in great red gobs or smeared over the cupboards.



She rubbed her belly and touched her face tenderly, smearing the blood and pressing the shallow bite wound.

Was Alexander the Great's path to glory smeared with blood ?

The hair looked as though it were smeared with dried blood .

There was smeared blood at the corner of his mouth, a grassy bruise on his cheek.

I looked at them, they were smeared with blood and worse.

Creed picked it up, his fingers smearing blood on to its surface.

After the raid the walls were smeared with blood , and about 35 people were being detained in hospital.


It smeared the faces of the men in the room, fighting a losing, fitful battle with the shadows.

He picks it up and smears his face with it.

Her make up was smeared over her face and her hair was a mass of tangles.

This clay exudate she smeared across her face and streaked into her hair.


"What time did we say we'd meet them?" she asked, smearing on a bright red lipstick.

Before setting out on their walk, they smeared themselves with sunblock.

Carter refused to take part in an attempt to smear his campaign opponent.

I knew Deanna had been crying because her makeup had smeared.

The printing wasn't dark enough, and many letters were smeared around the edges.

The rain had dribbled on his glasses and smeared them.


Detective Jake Gittes, tricked by Cross into smearing Mulwray, does not escape the compulsion to repeat.

However, Dimitrov claimed that Asparukhov's allegations were part of a Zhelev-inspired effort to smear him and his government.

I looked down the street and I saw an entirely naked man walking along, smeared in ash.

It smeared the faces of the men in the room, fighting a losing, fitful battle with the shadows.

People from the neighborhood rushed in and threw the place up for grabs, smearing excrement on the walls.

Young researchers take a drop of blood, smear it on a slide, stain it and check it under the microscope.

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