Meaning of SMEAR in English


/ smɪə(r); NAmE smɪr/ verb , noun

■ verb


[ vn ] smear sth on / over sth | smear sth with sth to spread an oily or soft substance over a surface in a rough or careless way

SYN daub :

The children had smeared mud on the walls.

The children had smeared the walls with mud.

➡ note at mark


[ vn ] to make sth dirty or greasy :

His glasses were smeared.

smeared windows


[ vn ] to damage sb's reputation by saying unpleasant things about them that are not true

SYN slander :

The story was an attempt to smear the party leader.


to rub writing, a drawing, etc. so that it is no longer clear; to become not clear in this way

SYN smudge :

[ vn ]

The last few words of the letter were smeared.

[also v ]

■ noun


an oily or dirty mark :

a smear of jam


a story that is not true about sb that is intended to damage their reputation, especially in politics :

He was a victim of a smear campaign .


( BrE ) = smear test



Old English smierwan (verb), smeoru ointment, grease , of Germanic origin; related to German schmieren (verb), Schmer (noun).

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