Meaning of ECHO in English


n. & v.

n. (pl. -oes) 1 a the repetition of a sound by the reflection of sound waves. b the secondary sound produced. 2 a reflected radio or radar beam. 3 a close imitation or repetition of something already done. 4 a person who slavishly repeats the words or opinions of another. 5 (often in pl.) circumstances or events reminiscent of or remotely connected with earlier ones. 6 Bridge etc. a conventional mode of play to show the number of cards held in the suit led etc.

v. (-oes, -oed) 1 intr. a (of a place) resound with an echo. b (of a sound) be repeated; resound. 2 tr. repeat (a sound) by an echo. 3 tr. a repeat (another's words). b imitate the words, opinions, or actions of (a person). echo chamber an enclosure with sound-reflecting walls. echo location the location of objects by reflected sound. echo-sounder sounding apparatus for determining the depth of the sea beneath a ship by measuring the time taken for an echo to be received. echo-sounding the use of an echo-sounder. echo verse a verse form in which a line repeats the last syllables of the previous line. echoer n. echoless adj.

[ ME f. OF or L f. Gk ekho, rel. to ekhe a sound ]

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