Meaning of NO in English

adj. 1 not any (there is no excuse; no circumstances could justify it; no two of them are alike). 2 not a, quite other than (is no fool; is no part of my plan; caused no slight inconvenience). 3 hardly any (is no distance; did it in no time). 4 used elliptically as a slogan, notice, etc., to forbid, reject, or deplore the thing specified (no parking; no surrender). by no means see MEANS. no-account unimportant, worthless. no-ball Cricket n. an unlawfully delivered ball (counting one to the batting side if not otherwise scored from). pronounce (a bowler) to have bowled a no-ball. no-claim (or -claims) bonus a reduction of the insurance premium charged when the insured has not made a claim under the insurance during an agreed preceding period. no date (of a book etc.) not bearing a date of publication etc. no dice see DICE. no doubt see DOUBT. no end see END. no entry (of a notice) prohibiting vehicles or persons from entering a road or place. no-fault US (of insurance) valid regardless of the allocation of blame for an accident etc. no fear see FEAR. no-frills lacking ornament or embellishment. no go impossible, hopeless. no-go area an area forbidden to unauthorized people. no good see GOOD. no-good see GOOD. no-hitter US Baseball a game in which a team does not get a player to first base. no-hoper Austral. sl. a useless person. no joke see JOKE. no joy see JOY n. 3. no little see LITTLE. no man no person, nobody. no man's land 1 Mil. the space between two opposing armies. 2 an area not assigned to any owner. 3 an area not clearly belonging to any one subject etc. no-no colloq. a thing not possible or acceptable. no-nonsense serious, without flippancy. no place US nowhere. no-show a person who has reserved a seat etc. but neither uses it nor cancels the reservation. no side Rugby Football 1 the end of a game. 2 the referee's announcement of this. no small see SMALL. no sweat colloq. no bother, no trouble. no thoroughfare an indication that passage along a street, path, etc., is blocked or prohibited. no time see TIME. no trumps (or trump) Bridge a declaration or bid involving playing without a trump suit. no-trumper Bridge a hand on which a no-trump bid can suitably be, or has been, made. no way colloq. 1 it is impossible. 2 I will not agree etc. no whit see WHIT. no-win of or designating a situation in which success is impossible. no wonder see WONDER. ... or no ... regardless of the ... (rain or no rain, I shall go out). there is no it is impossible to ... (there is no accounting for tastes; there was no mistaking what he meant).

[ ME f. nan, non NONE(1), orig. only before consonants ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.