Meaning of NO in English

I. no 1 S1 W1 /nəʊ $ noʊ/ BrE AmE adverb

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: na , from ne 'not' + a 'always' ]

1 . used to give a negative reply to a question, offer, or request OPP yes :

‘Are you Italian?’ ‘No, I’m Spanish.’

‘Do you want any more?’ ‘No thanks.’

‘Could you help me write this?’ ‘No, sorry, I haven’t got time at the moment.’

He wanted to take me to a disco but I said no.

Sixty percent of people voted no.

If you’re asking whether I feel the same way about her, the answer is no.

• • •


2 . used to say that you disagree with a statement:

‘You’re always complaining about work.’ ‘No, I’m not!’

3 . used to say that you agree with a negative statement:

‘They shouldn’t drive so fast.’ ‘No, it’s really dangerous.’

4 . used to tell someone not to do something:

No, Jimmy, don’t touch that switch.

5 . used to show that you are shocked, surprised, annoyed, or disappointed by what someone has just told you, or by what has just happened:

‘She’s nearly fifty.’ ‘No, you’re kidding!’

Oh no, I’ve lost my wallet!

6 . used to correct what you have just said:

He’s the director, no, the assistant director, of the company.

7 . won’t take no for an answer if someone won’t take no for an answer, they are determined that you should agree to do something:

He insists on taking us all out to dinner and he won’t take no for an answer.

8 . used before ↑ comparative s to mean ‘not even a small amount’:

I’ll pay you $75 and no more.

You’re no better than the rest of them.

⇨ no longer at ↑ long 2 (7)

II. no 2 S1 W1 BrE AmE determiner

[ Date: 1100-1200 ; Origin: none ]

1 . not one or not any:

There’s no food left in the fridge.

No trains will be affected by this incident.

a house with no central heating

There’s no excuse for that kind of behaviour.

2 . used on signs to say that something is not allowed:

No parking

No smoking

3 . in no time informal very soon or very quickly:

We’ll be home in no time.

4 . there’s no doing something spoken used to emphasize that it is not possible to do something:

There’s no knowing what this lunatic will do next.

There is no denying the suffering of these families (=they are definitely suffering) .

5 . used to emphasize that the opposite of a particular description is true:

That girl’s no fool (=she is intelligent) .

Larry’s no friend of mine.

If he has to do it all himself, it will be no bad thing (=a good thing) .

a question of no great importance

III. no 3 BrE AmE noun ( plural noes )

1 . [singular] a negative answer or decision:

The answer was a definite no.

2 . [countable] a vote against a proposal in parliament

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