Meaning of PET in English


n., adj., & v.

n. 1 a domestic or tamed animal kept for pleasure or companionship. 2 a darling, a favourite (often as a term of endearment).

attrib.adj. 1 kept as a pet (pet lamb). 2 of or for pet animals (pet food). 3 often joc. favourite or particular (pet aversion). 4 expressing fondness or familiarity (pet name). (petted, petting) 1 treat as a pet. 2 (also absol.) fondle, esp. erotically. petter n.

[ 16th-c. Sc. & N.Engl. dial.: orig. unkn. ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.